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My beby started kindergarten!

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  • My beby started kindergarten!

    I am so sad. Although I couldn't wait until school started so the kids would have that much less time to fight with each other I am saddened to think that my baby is growing up. My daughter has also started 6th grade and is in middle school!!! That alone is tough, but not as hard to accept as Justin being old enough to go to school daily... all day, and eating breakfast and lunch at school, riding a school bus, and being responsible. I am not ready for that. I need him to be my baby for awhile longer. I'm not ready to let go yet. Michelle.

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    I can only imagine how hard it is to see your kids go off to school! Mine are 3 1/2 and almost 2, and I know I will cry!! I remember you asked about drs in AR, before you moved. Have you found a urologist? I live in Little Rock and have a great one here, but it might be too far for you. Hope you like your new home!



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      My oldest started Kindergarten this year. I am SURE that when my baby goes off I will be a nutcase for awhile... Thinking of you. Be gentle with yourself, mommy. kissing

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        my baby started school 2 weeks ago We both cried alex is just getting where he will go to school with out fussing about it but everyday when he gets off the bus he will look at me and say my teacher said i don't have to go back for five hours. lol. its really tough. to top it all off he pull his first tooth yesterday He was so proud of him self he came over and said look mommy what i did. eek Heck we didn't even know it was lose. I want my baby back scream
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          Not really my area, but I was curious as to where in Arkansas you're located Mich?

          I'm in Jonesboro..

          Brenda, I went to Little Rock once, how can you travel there with all that traffic. :| I stayed at the Holiday Inn Presidential Conference center, and I'd nearly cry when I saw the traffic come to a halt on that bridge over some river from my hotel room. :|

          It took like a half hour for us to get from our hotel to the UAMS center. We had it all mapped though. We go straight down 6th street as far as we can, until we reach the UAMS building.


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            hi-I remember that day when both of mine went off to school - now they both have graduated from high school and the oldest just graduated from university...He lives 4 hours aways so we don't see him often.. the youngest left the nest last yea, for one year but has since returned to live at home again for a bit.. It does not get easier when they get older and you have to say good bye.. scream
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              I remember when my oldest started school. I cried for a week. Usually it's the parent that reassures the child that everything will be ok. Instead, it was my child assuring me that everything would be Then, two years later, I put my youngest son on the bus for the first time. We both cried and clinged on to each other like it was the last time I would ever see him. He didn't want to go, and truthfully, I didn't want him to go. But It HAD to be done. He came home that first day and was so excited that he met new friends and even a GIRL!!! Now, they are in 2nd and 4th grade. It seems like the years have passed so quickly and those two little boys that used to be my babies, are now young men, who no longer need me to help with making snacks, or to tuck them into bed. I got up the other morning to make breakfast and show them off to school. I was then told there was no need for me to be up, they could do it on their about a slap in the face So, I realized, the only thing I can do is stand back and watch them become men, and be there for them when they need me to be. It's just so very disheartning when they become independent. I almost feel like I need to have another baby so I can have someone to take care of. Someone that needs me. But, that baby will just grow up too and become independent and I will feel like this again. Even my little nephew that I hung out with last year to keep my mind off the fact my own babies were gone, has gone to school. They just grow up so fast. All I gotta say is someone better have a baby soon or I'm gonna have to go
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                My baby started kindergarten this week too, I walked out of the school and said to myself, I have seen 4 kids off to kindergarten, 3 to high school, 2 to university and I can't do this anymore. They must stop growing up

                scream eek

                One day at a time


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                  Hi gals, I know exactly how you feel, it was quite a while ago when I saw my little ones off to school and when my son left to go to college, that was so hard, but wonderful at the same time. I still hate saying goodbye to him even now as he lives in Ohio and that is quite a ways away from me, so God bless the computer we can still be in touch all the time which is nice. Time flies gals, enjoy them, they do grow so fast. Hugs Iris hi hat
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