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    Need suggestions for a to-be two year old. Any suggestions for what to do to entertain the little ones? We are having a pinata for the older kids, but I am not sure what to do with the younger ones. Thanks!

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    lots of love and colour and fun.. like clown or something?? keep us updated grouphug
    and happy birthday little one... grouphug kissing


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      Hi, we have had pinatias in the past with my young nieces and nephews and they do great. the two year old would love it. Or have them color with chalk on the driveway if the weather is good. water water, they like to play in the water. I hope this help some.
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        Water play is a good idea! We have a rubbermaid type tub out back that we fill with bath toys and bubbles. Our boys love it. You can add food coloring to make it more interesting.

        Bubbles are fun, too. Maybe get lots of wands and lots of containers they can blow on or just chase the bubbles?

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          I like Kim and Deb's ideas put together. If you can buy a small blow up pool and put bubbles in it. Then you can get small and big wands for all the children. You can also add water and dish washing liquid to the other bubble stuff to make it last longer. (And it might be less expensive.) I wish Zane's birthday was in the summer months. There's more things to do now than in Jan. Let me know what you end up doing chicky, I might steal some thoughts from ya for our big 2 in Jan.
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