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    Hi everyone,

    Sorry that I have not been keeping in touch as much as I used to. Life is just too chaotic these days -- you all know what it is like to be a new mom.

    I do have a concern about my little one who is about turn six months old.

    Ellen continues to be a joy. She is happy, coos, blows bubbles and raspberries, hasn't started making consonant sounds, but hopefully that will happen soon. My concern is that she is very quiet at daycare. None of the staff have mentioned it, but I am always there at lunch, and she just seems so reserved. When I get her home, she is usually more vocal, but when she's tired, she's usually more quiet. On the weekends, she usually comes back to life, is her usual self, playful and interactive, and very attached to her mom.

    I am concerned that maybe I did something that harmed her during the pregnancy, took too much prelief, had a few flares that were difficult causing me to overheat on several occasions (that's just how my body responded). Also, I have a relative who had some major speech delays, and I am wondering if Ellen is going to follow suit.

    I am sorry to ramble. Since I am new at this parenting bit, I just needed some helpful advice. All I seem to do is worry these days. Worry that Ellen may have IC at some point, worry about her development. I just wish I could cherish the moments for what they are.

    Hope everyone is doing well and had a wonderful thanksgiving holiday.


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    It seems so long ago that my daughter was that little. She turns 18 on Tuesday.
    You say that you visit at lunch time. Is she just woken from a nap or is she do for one? That would make her quiet. Is there other children or many adults around that she is just intrigued in watching.
    It doesn't sound like you have to be concerned at this point if she is fine on weekends.
    Children developing differently do not get stuck on watching the development books. I have seen parents who's child was early at everything become disappointed at the school level when they became just average.
    Just enjoy her! Every moment is precious! Accept her for who she is and what she does. I am sure she is perfect being who she is!