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    My kids are great. Yes, they do argue and irritate each other a lot, but we have so many good times, too. We've been spending a lot of family time just doing little things lately. Friday night Justin and I painted stars for the Christmas Tree. (Em was at a friends house) Last night we played with stamps that my sister had. (I borrowed them) We made some bookmarks and I made one for Emilee and one for Justin. Emilee made me one and one for her Daddy. On mine she used the "Best Friend" stamp. That just clutched my heart. She is such a good kid. Just had to share. Michelle in AR

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    wink wink :cool: grouphug grouphug
    Hang in there , There is hope.
    There is hope. Prayer works.

    Love, Debbie


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      Simple things like that can stay with you forever. I think they'd remember a night like that one more than going to a movie or other things kids do. I can't wait for times like you just shared with your babies...
      Oh yes I can!! eek I'm wishing him older and he's not even two yet! lmao
      But Zane could hurry out of the terrible two's any time now. I know I'm ready! wink
      Take care.
      Tons of support,

      IC angel helping families in need for the holidays. [email protected]


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        grouphug kissing
        I a, glad to hear your having such great fun I think of you often.. hoping things have changed around..
        'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'


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          Oh Michelle that is so great, those special times will stay with you, and you will have wonderful memories of those special times with your kids. I would not trade my memories like that for anything. Take care and let us know how you are doing, hugs Iris hi grouphug
          Today and every day you are loved, so don't be anxious about tomorrow, God will take care of you tomorrow; Live one day at a time.


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            Aww those are memories that will last a lifetime. You know, I always had one parent at home with me when I was growing up. (It was easy for them, they had their own business) Some of the fondest memories I have are of spending the afternoon with my parents, learning how to read or my dad taking me fishing or even when we dug out their records (yes records!!!) and played them one evening--no phone, no t.v., just me and my parents sitting in the living room talking and listening to music! I think that those are just wonderful memories, better than any I have of playing with an expensive toy or something.

            Hugs and love,
            Mommy to 2 crazy, wonderful kids and wife to the most amazing man in the world!