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The Queen of Mean Strikes Again!!!

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  • The Queen of Mean Strikes Again!!!

    Emilee is SOOOOOOOO grounded. Progress reports went home Thusday. I just got it this morning. She is failing 3 classes. She sat there and cried while I yelled at her. She is grounded for 2 weeks from TV, her New Playstation 2, her Game Boy, her CD Player and her radio. No Phone, no computer either. She didn't get to go to Girl Scouts tonight. Her little brother did though, but not her. (hehe, was that mean or what??) Actually, Justin entertained the girls a lot. He was quite helpful. Emilee reads on a 7-8th grade level. She is in 5th grade. She hates math and all other classes. I just don't understand how she can not be doing her work. I am so upset at her. It was a good thing that she had to leave for school. I honestly didn't want her around me for awhile. I needed time to cool off. Why do kids do this? I'm seriously thinking of changing her 'electives' for middle school to things that I think she should take, not what she wants. Grrrrr. Michelle in KC (AKA: The QUEEN of Mean)
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    Have the teachers given any feedback as to why she is failing? Like, what's going on inside her that she is such an intelligent girl, but isn't performing well?

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      When my granddaughter was failing in math, and saying she hated it, we discovered it was because she was the only one who didn't know her multiplication tables. The entire family worked with her on memorizing those and she no longer hated math. It had been very embarrassing to her to be what she called "the dummy" in her math class and she was sooo relieved when we all understood and helped her.

      It may be something just that simple that is bothering your otherwise good student --- I agree with talking with her teachers. And I also suggest keeping in touch with them for a while until you can see she's back on track.

      Ah, the challenges of being a mother.....

      Sending a warm hug to each of you,
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        have the teachers called you and ask you to come in a for a conference? if not, ask them why. What is going on with emilee? there must be something on going on with her. I have a learning disablitiy. Math is my least favorite subjuect, thought I could never make change, I fooled myself, I am a cashier but it is easy now, the register does everything for you but Ihave to stilll count themoney out. I made some mistakes when I first started, I am not perfect. Hang in there. there is hope. Praying for you and emiee
        Hang in there , There is hope.
        There is hope. Prayer works.

        Love, Debbie


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          I've just gone in and talked to her teacher. SHe's not applying herself. Don adn I talked to him, actually, twice. DOn told Emilee that if she missed ONE single assignment before school is out (only 18 more school days) she is going to be held back. Our decision, not the teacher.


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            Another thought might be if Emilee is not being challenged enough and is bored. Very bright students will do that sometimes if they get bored. If that is the case, holding her back would be a big mistake, it could cause even more problems down the road.


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              Hi Michelle,

              I just sent you a PM with a teacher's perspective Hope it helps a bit!

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                Hi Michelle...Not sure if this helps, but I have a son just completing his first year of middle school. He was exactly as you describe your daughter in 5th grade...won't try, late assignments... I was petrified for him to move up to middle school...but he is doing great there. Changing classes all day means that he has no time to be bored, and he learned real quick that the middle school teachers will not take any sh*t from these kids.He has actually even made honors. I can understand how upset you are...I have been there, but honest, middle school is a good thing! Good luck...Sheri
                Wishing you the best, today, tomorrow, and always! Sheri G


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                  I kept my son back one year and he never forgave me, (he's almost 30 now)We hired a tutor after that, that worked. The embarassment (7th grade) was too much for him. I regretted doing this.I'd give it some more thought. This is an important time for them but not for this kind of lessen. I wish you well, I really do, that was a hard age for me to get him through. Could he be reacting to your being ill with IC? I know with my son he's still having a hard time,with how ill I am, they worry about us, Just a thought, sanctuary
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