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Breastfeeding and IC

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  • Breastfeeding and IC

    I've been breastfeeding for around 3 months and dont know how much longer I will be able to. I have the worst bladder flare up for over a week now !!! I would hate to have to stop breast-feeding but I think I will have to go back on my meds. I dont know what to do !!! My bladder didnt bother me at all when I was pregnant, I ate whatever I wanted and now it's back !!!! Ugh [img]frown.gif[/img]
    Just had to vent......thanks for listening.
    ~Amy [img]frown.gif[/img]
    My first baby girl~~Angela Rose born 11-3-01
    Diagnosed with IC in 1999. I believe due to chronic bladder infections and yeast infections, along with too many antibiotics. Mommy to , Angela Rose, 11-3-01 & Kaitlyn Nicole 3-23-04.

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    Hi Amy, Im sorry that your ic is back, i know that it is important to breastfeed, but if you have to stop, dont beat yourself up over it. She will be fine with the formula, maybe it will be best for you to get back on some of your medicine that youve been on, if it helps. Is this your first baby? I have two boys, 5 and 7, that is good that it went away while you were pregnant. I really want a little girl but i have been so scared to get pregnant again with the ic. Hope you can start felling better. Take care, Janelle


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      Dear Janelle-
      When I was breatfeeding,I was able to get breastfeeding info re meds, etc, from La Leche league....

      They have a wealth of information on what medication may be passed through the milk, to the nursing baby - and which will not, as well as breastfeeding tips and support. It is all free (ie. a non-profit organization), and they have local support groups in some areas. I would NEVER have made it though the colicky periods of my babies, without their help!
      Hope this helps.... Congratulations on your wee baby girl! HUGS, Lauren

      "May the road rise up to meet you,
      may the wind be at your back....
      and may God hold you in the hollow
      of His hand."
      Gaelic Blessing


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        Oh, hang in there Amy! You know that any amount of breastfeeding you can do is a benefit to your baby, whether it's a week or a year -- you've already done wonderful things for her! But, you may not have to stop, talk to your dr and see what they can do for you that's okay while breastfeeding. They probably won't know, so work with a lactation consultant too (there should be one at the hospital where you delivered). They are usually the only ones who really know what meds are okay. Mine have really helped me out!

        On March 3, I will be breastfeeding a year! I can hardly believe it! I'm now using a TENS unit for pain and have pain meds I can take too. I hope to continue for quite a while yet.

        Good luck to you! Oh,
        has a good breastfeeding message board that's been a lot of help to me too.
        ~Darcy R (WI)


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          Hmm, that didn't turn out right, it was supposed to read "".

          ~Darcy R (WI)


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            Hi Amy,

            I can completely relate. My little one is 8 months old, and I really didn't think I would make it to this point. My flares have visited me on and off since I had Ellen. I fortunately went into remission the last 3 months I was pregnant. I was really hoping that it would last longer, but it didn't. I had a really bad flare at 3 weeks (was in pain, not sleeping, almost suicidal). I think you should give yourself a big hug for having done it this long. I think the first three months are the most crucial time to breastfeed, and anything beyond that is just icing on the cake (cake with or without the icing is good to me -- IC permitting). I've read that any amount is actually beneficial (even just a week is good for the baby).

            Presently, I am taking one day at a time and counting down the weeks. My flares have been sporadic and less intense (thank goodness -- I really hope the same for you). There's a book I have been trying to order -- Medication and Mothers' Milk by Thomas Hale. I've heard it's an excellent resource -- I've heard that it covers Elmiron and Elavil, too.

            Hang in there. Your little one is so fortunate to have such a wonderful caring mother. Try not to be so hard on yourself (easier said than done, I know).

            My thoughts are with you and your little one,