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Newly diagnosed w/4 kids(depression)

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  • Newly diagnosed w/4 kids(depression)

    I was just giagnosed in Jan. with IC. I am finding the pain of this disease very depressing. I have always been very involved with my four children. I have been a stay at home mom for 13 years. My children are from 12-7. They are in many activities. I myself do Martial Arts & fitness. Not being able to do class because of the pain makes things worse because that was my time for myself. It is very difficult not being there for my children. I feel that I have let them down. This weekend was bad I had alot of pain and was not able to attend my boys hockey games. It is hard to be left at home laying in bed home alone like some invalid while my family is gone. My husband doesn't seem to understand. He has been a little supportive, but still expects the home to run smoothly. I was informed today that my father-in-law will be here from out of town. We have just moved, so he wants to come see the house. So, I had better get off the computer (pop a pain pill) and get the house in showing order. I just need a little support right now. Thanks for hearing me.

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    I know it's difficult at first with IC, but once you find which foods and drinks are the worst problems for you, you should begin feeling better.

    And don't wait until it gets really bad to take pain medications --- pain is much easier to control if you catch it early --- and it takes far less medication to do it.

    Sending encouraging hugs,
    Stay safe

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      I was diagnosed last July. I am a single mother of a five year old girl who is my world. It took me 7 months to get diagnosed, and early on I actually was distraught over not being able to walk without pain, not being able to take walks or go on outings with my daughter and a b***** nurse practitioner told me it was up to me to decide if I had to change my lifestyle and quit work. NOT! It had been thrust upon me. And quitting was out of the question with a child to support. Anyway, you are very early in your diagnosis. The worst part for me was thinking it would be that way forever. I am feeling mostly much better now with the help of a qualified urologist. So hang in there, give yourself some breaks, and know that it may improve greatly! [img]smile.gif[/img]


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        Thanks for the support. I'm am glad that I have found this site. The Dr. says to figure out what foods to eat. The problem is that I wake with pain and not eat anything and still have pain. I have been drinking only bottled water since Feb. NOTHING ELSE, so I don't get this disease. Peanut butter crackers seems to be ok. Hey I've lost 25lbs, but I would rather be fat and pain free. Today is a good day though, so I am going to try to make the best of it. Some people even in the medical field can make comments not appropriate. When I went to the ER the nurse was nagging me for taking my husbands vicodin. I told her apparently she has never had this type of pain before. I have given birth four times naturally, so I can handle pain. But this is bad!
        Thanks BLynn


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          Are you sure the peanut butter isn't contributing to your pain?
          We can help one another here. Sue


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            Some of us can eat peanut butter without any problem. I'm one of them. However, prepackaged and pre-prepared foods you really have to watch out for those additives, preservatives and "natural and artificial flavors." I found it best in my early days with IC to eat the very basic, natural, most unprocessed foods to elminate those variables and then slowly add back to see what I could tolerate.

            I hope you find some relief soon. I know it's hard to weed through all the treatments and diet but once you find your triggers and the right combo of medications that work for you, it's so worth it!

            Sending healing wishes,
            Melanie J.
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            Living a happy life in spite of IC!


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              Thanks for all the support. I've been taking prelief now and that has taken away the burning. I'm still dealing with the pain. Things seem to be better though.