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Sometimes, I hate being a Mom!

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  • Sometimes, I hate being a Mom!

    Yesterday I had the day off from the bank. I took Justin to the Doctor for his 5 year check up. He is 42 pounds and 41 1/4 inches tall. No ear infections, not strep throat (unlike his sister) and he is healthy as can be. Well, the doctor said "I'll go get his shots ready" . Justin proceeded to scream and throw a fit, hitting and kicking until the nurse and I had to hold him down for 3 shots. One in each leg and one in his right arm. I hated having to do that. He screamed, and cried, and made me feel awful! I hated having to do that to him. He didn't like me very much after that either. I took him to Baskin Robbins for ice cream after that. Who needs lunch when we have ice cream, right? I asked him if he loved me still. He didn't answer. I asked him if he still liked me. He said ~ very angry like ~ "I still like you!" However, he did snuggle me in bed this morning like normal. So maybe he's forgiven me. I still feel awful! Had I realized that the Dr was gong to give him shots I'd have made my Hubby take him! Or at least help me. Michelle in KC banghead

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    Being a mom isn't easy and you don't always win the popularity contest. He will get over the shot. From a mom of three teenagers, you better get used to not always being liked for making decisions that are best for them or they will become teenagers that rule the house.


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      No matter how old the kids get, those hurts you feel never go many times I wish we were fighting about getting a shot instead of having all those years pass and watch one of my kids in emotional pain and being completely powerless to help.

      I'm glad you got your snuggles this morning
      Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".


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        Michelle..You know he loves you..He's just being a little man lmao I'm sorry you had a rough day at the peds. My 5 yr old now has panic attacks when the docs need to do something to her. She passed out once and scared me to death! Oh me!!
        Take care..Flowerchild
        I'm Perfectly Imperfect and Praying for Remission


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          These posts brought back a pediatrician memory for me. When my youngest son was about 3, I took him to a new doctor because of allergies. The nurse took the little screaming monster in to weigh him and came back about ten minutes later looking like she'd been through a war --- she plopped him on the table and said "38 pounds." He then sat there crying while we waited for the doctor. When the doc came in he leaned against the wall and watched him for a few minutes, which of course made Steve stop crying to look to see what the doctor was doing. The doctor then asked him why he was crying --- Steve couldn't remember why he was crying, so he stopped!

          He stayed with that doctor through college!

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