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Grrr... I've endangered my children!!

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  • Grrr... I've endangered my children!!

    I took vicodin all day. I feel so stoned out of my mind but my bladder still hurts. I had to go pick up my clothes at the cleaners because I have a HUGE meeting tomorrow and my ONLY winter coat was there and I am freezing all day without it. Well, I should have not driven. I should have had a DUI. or a DWI or something like that. I don't remember driving at all. I drove about 3 miles there and 3 miles back, over a bridge over a river. I even stopped at Blockbuster with the kids. I don't remember driving. What was I thinking??? OK, I wasn't thinking, I just did it. I feel so awful now. Guilt is a bad thing. Michelle banghead

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    Please don't beat up on yourself. You made it back home --- and you learned a lesson. My bet is that you won't do it again!

    Warm hugs,
    Stay safe

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      Please don't be so hard on yourself. This happened to me once, when I get in the car and I feel the least bit "OFF", I go back home. I could never live with the thought of hurting someone else because my medication was messing me up on that day. And, if it's something that I KNOW I have to do and can't find someone to do it for me, I run the errand first, then take my meds.

      NOW, STOP being so hard on yourself
      Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".


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        It's happened to me as well and I was so angry (disgusted, horrified etc) at my self buteverything turned out okay as it did with you and now you know what to look for.

        My mom now drives my son to daycare in the morning and I don't drive with him anywere. The way thing are going I am going to be dependent on my mom for a Loooong time.