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Tomorrow is my Baby's 5th birthday!

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  • Tomorrow is my Baby's 5th birthday!

    I'm feelin' old here. I'll be 30 in April. Justin is my last baby and he's turning 5!! I am nto ready for him to grow up yet! He's still a mama's boy, and he even climbs in my bed every morning to kiss me awake! Our new nick names for each other are "Corn" which is Justin because I like to play nibble on his ears, and "Butter" because it goes with corn. He came up with that himself. cute, huh? He's into older women. He played my 2 college age co-workers against each other. One offered him candy, one offered him stickers, and they just kept upping the stakes each time until he had it all. It was really funny! After he left with my hubby, I informed the girls that they had just been played by a five year old!!!!! LOL! His party will be Saturday. We are taking him to Slot Car Thunder here in Bonner. They have 4 indoor race tracks that you can compete with each other against. He's really into racing. It should be a great time. OK, well, I think I've rambled long enough. Just whining about getting older.... Michelle in KC

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    It's such fun isn't it! We just celebrated Zane's 1st birthday Jan. 12th. We had a Scooby Doo party at home and I don't know who had more fun. I'll dread the 5, 10, and then teens birthdays.....But we can't keep em' young forever. Have fun and wish Justin a Happy 5th Birthday.....Jaime jester
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      My oldest just turned 5 and my youngest is turning 2 Saturday. Big days for us mommas!!! Have a great party!!!!!!! jester

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        lmao Michelle..did you say you are 30..girl you are young!!! I have a 5 yr old too..I'm 42.
        Now does that make you feel better!! I also have gray hairs, getting substantial wrinkles,droops, and now IC!!! I'm talking "High Maintenance" here!! I would love to get a botox treatment and plastic surgery on my face but no $$ to do so. I think this IC has aged me even more. I look like yesterdays oatmeal. OK, everyone getting a good laugh? Seriously, it is sad to see your kids growing up in a way. My 12 1/2 (have to put those halfs in) just started her period and looks like a grownup almost. It blows my mind. Where did time go? Have fun at the BD parties and take lots of pictures!! Cherish those memories. grouphug to all. Flowerchild
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          My baby will turn 5 in May. I understand about not wanting them to grow up. She is still my little girl. I hate that she is still not a baby.



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            I can completely relate. My oldest turns 4 on Feb. 5, and I can't believe how grown up he is becoming. We are having his party at a little gym nearby. We just got rid of his changing table, even though my youngest is still in diapers because it was broken but I sobbed as my husband carried it out of the house- how silly of me but I miss the time when he was a baby.