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  • Question for parents

    It just crossed my mind. Is IC hereditary?

    Does anyone have an opinion (or fact) about this topic?

    I remember a while back talking to a doctor who said they weren't sure.

    I have kidney stones also and quiet a few of my great-uncles have them also.

    I'd just hate to think I might pass this on to my little one when he/she gets here.

    Tons of support,

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    I wonder about IC being hereditary too. I have 2 boys and a girl (9) and esp. worry about her. This was the 1st q. she ever asked about IC too.
    My maternal grandmother had bacterial and non bacterial cystitis on and off all her life but would go for years at a time without symptoms. Her mother, my great grandmother also had bladder problems all her life too.
    I've been following the APF and Hereditary Research and so far have found out that IC could possibly be inherited but may need certain conditions to develop. As scientists have found a strong link between the APF protein and IC patients, maybe I think this APF protein could be hereditary? I would like to know what everyone else thinks?


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      I'm not a parent and I am stating an opinion not a fact but I strongly feel that there is a genetic component to IC. My theory is that an "IC type" bladder may be inherited but it does not necessarily develop into full blown IC in all people. Maybe only in certain conditions like Shelley said. I've heard of too many people with IC that also have a family history of (sometimes undiagnosed) bladder problems. My parents have had mild bladder problems, and there are several people here on the boards who feel that their children may have IC also. I'm sure one day there will be answers to all these questions, but for now there are only theories...I wonder if there's any research on this topic? It would be very interesting. Hopefully your little one will be IC-free for his/her entire life. Best wishes, Laura


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        I have two sons and neither of them have any type of bladder problems. I wondered about it when I was pregnant as the last I wanted was to have a child who would suffer with this disease. I am the only one in my family to have bladder problems.


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          I do think it is genetic, more specifically I believe it is a genetic mutation that causes the disease in the first place, and that mutation can be passed on. But I have no proof of that, it just seems logical to me. My daughter also displays many signs of having IC, but you know most docs laugh when you suggest that someone under 18 can have this disease....but of course look at all the young people here that have it. I hope that they figure out something soon. Lisa
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            Hi everyone,
            Well, both my mother and I have been diagnosed with IC. She was diagnosed a few years before me. Both of our urologists say that it's just a big coincidence that we both have IC. They say it's not hereditary, and I agree. However, perhaps there is a genetic component, where direct relations might be more susceptible of developing IC, like diabetes for example. I certainly don't believe because a mother has IC, their child will develop it. I don't think the genetic link is quite that strong. I think it's more common than not that ICers have children with perfectly healthy bladders.
            Hopefully one day those scientists will figure out this whole IC thing!!!
            Hope everyone's having a great day,
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