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    Today is my last day of maternity leave and I'm so torn about it. I love my job so part of me wants to return BUT now I have this beautiful little girl to take care of and I'm finding it hard to imagine NOT being home. Sadly, I have to more than ever. *sigh* This may be one of the hardest things I ever do. Thank goodness Daddy will home with her and we don't have to find child care. I guess I just don't want to miss a moment of her!!!

    "The first time her laughter unfurled it's wings into the wind....
    We knew that the world would never be the same."
    ~Brian Andres

    Baby Kaitlyn was born on 07/08/01 after a successful pregnancy with IC!

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    Lesa, I had to go back to work after each of my three children were born --- I totally understand --- it's very difficult.

    Warm hugs,
    Stay safe

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      I wonder if it will happen to me. I had to quit work a couple weeks ago because I can't get my morning sickness under control. We do just fine, but when the baby comes I know I'll go back. You're lucky you don't have childcare to worry about. Good luck and I hope the transition isn't too hard!
      Tons of support,
      Tons of support,

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        You are lucky that Daddy is home with her..

        I stayed home with my two children and enjoy every moment with them both..
        Then they left me to go to school, and it was so hard for me, so I know how you are feeling Lesa..

        I had to do without lot of things not working, but we manner just fine and I am happy that I got to raise my children and seen all those special moments with them, it was just wonderful too..

        Also now that my daughter and son are older , they often mention on how lucky they were to have me at home with them..

        Hang in there Lesa!!!
        Hugs: Debbie
        Thinking positive has got me through to another day!!