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two little girls and 200 trips to the bathroom

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  • two little girls and 200 trips to the bathroom

    Hello to all the mothers who are going through IC. I have been diagnosed for about a year now. but ive had symptoms for about 3. I have two little girls. one is 20 months and one is 8 months. They share the same birthday one year apart. August 20 of 1999, and August 20 of 2000. Between running back and fourth to the bathroom and chasing them around, i get so exhausted. Im sure that im not the only one who feels this way. Id love to hear your ideas.

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    Wow! I bet you are exhausted, having two children that close together and having IC. I don't know what suggestions to give you. If you have really close friends who understand I'd try to get them to babysit every now and then just to get some rest. It sounds like you need a lot of rest.
    I have a 2 year old daughter and I feel like she keeps me running. Children are the most wonderful things. They are also one of the most tiring things.



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      Hang in there! My sons are now grown, but when they were little ( they are almost exactly 2 years apart)I was also always in the bathroom. I have always tried to focus on the positive, so here it is: when it comes time to toilet train them it will be a breeze! When they first start using the toilet they want to go all the time, so it will not seem bad since you are always in there anyway. Plus they see what a good role model you are! LOL It was a snap to get my boys trained and I feel I owe it all to my IC. Of course thats about the only good thing I can say about IC, but at least it is something, right? I know you are feeling harried, but trust me they grow up way too fast. Many days I wish my boys were still little.Enjoy every minute of it because you will never have it again.


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        If you rae exhausted you can always make one particular room the 'quarrentined' area and you can at least keep the kids in one room. No more chasing them around. I have a son that is 3 and luckily, our apartment is small. There's nowhere that is not within ear shot or sight. Now, next spring when we move, I'll be in your shoes! Michelle in KC


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          You guys reminded me that when my three were little, I would go into the bathroom to "get away" for a minute or two. When they would ineveitably be pounding on the door to get in, I would just say, "I am on vacation. You will have to wait!"

          One time, I took them to spend the night at my sister-in-law's so I could go to a formal event with my husband....

          Anticipating a peaceful afternoon, I went home to get ready. I went into bathroom, and as I "sat" there, I realized there weren't any little ones pounding to get in....

          ...I sobbed there in my bathroom...missing them....I didn't WANT my vacation that time LOL. Oh the fickle nature of being a mother.... :-)

          Hugs, Julie B

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            I also have two children.One is six and one is three.They have just worn me out today to where I can't even think.My ex husband was very very abusive to me so my daughter still has alot of emotional problems on top of having bladder problems[they are still running test on her to find out why she has so many uti]but I did get my son out before he could remember much of the attacks.anyway I was a single mom for two years working 2 jobs and taking care of both of them.I just set a time for everything and kept to it.I still don't have very much help now or really advice to give you except if you need a friend you can email me anytime to just vent cry or maybe even laugh once in a while.
            wishing you well,

            my email is [email protected]