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  • Hi IC Mommy here!!!!!

    Hi I have a 2 year old daughter and I have IC.... I was wondering how you find it going out with your children to places such as corn mazes etc without having a washroom near??? I have such anxiety about things like that. I don't want to deprive her because I feel like peeing my pants every 2 seconds!!!! We do alot of stuff and do go out alot, but I need to sit immediatley if I'm not going to need to pee. When I take her grocery shopping it's so hard to pack her and the diaper bag and leave the cart running to the washroom! How do you do it with 2? My hubby and I are wanting to have another baby, but when I think about going out with the 2 of them it scares the heck out of me. Any advice and when I am pregnant how muc worse is it going to get? I can't handle anymore LOL!!!!

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    My daughter is almost 5 so I don't have to fight with the diaper bag thing anymore. Are you on any OAB meds that may ne able to help you stop going so much? If not, you may check with your dr. to see if they think OAB meds could help. Each person is so different. I wish there was at least one treatment that worked for every IC'er but unfortunately not. Hopefully you and your drs will find something that will work for you. ~ Heather
    With Lots of Love and Wishes for Pain Free Days~Heather

    ~I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis at the age of 23, 4 months after getting married. I also have severe Endometriosis, Adhesion Disease and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. All of which were diagnosed AFTER being diagnosed with IC. Before IC my only health issues were a history of migraines since I was a child and a battle with cervical dysplasia. I had a LEEP in 2007 and have been clear of the cancerous cells since.~

    ~Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions, concerns or comments. Or if you just need a friend, someone to listen. I am almost always lurking around online somewhere. LOL~


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      I feel your pain as I have a three and a five year old. I miss out on so many activities. However, I have found children only want the attention of their Mommy. Lots of times, for instance, we will draw and color a corn maze on the floor (close to the bathroom) instead of going out. I have found my three year old loves it just the same.

      Eventually you will find a treatment that will allow you to do those kinds of things again.

      Take Care honey,
      BBB - Diagnosed with Moderate/Severe IC (age 12), Severe PFD and V V (age 21), IBS (from birth) & Gastroparesis (age 42)


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        It is a challenge and I know how you feel. I have a 3 year old and some trip to do things are miserable, and I just wait until someone else can go along or babysit for me. WIsh I could offer better words of wisdom.