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Christmas for my kids...

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  • Christmas for my kids...

    Christmas is going to be different this year. I know Justin does not believe in Santa,though he has not said anything to me or my hubby about it. Justin, age 9, asked this year for an electric blanket INSTEAD of toys. (our house is REALLY REALLY COLD) He knows that Grandma is getting him toys. I bought him a heated mattress pad instead. He's pretty responsible, so I am sure he'll turn it off in the mornings, besides, I'll probably go behind him to check and make sure it's off. He's also getting a Playstation 2 to replace the one he dropped and broke. But he already knew this. I found them at the local pawn shop for $60 with 2 controllers. I'd rather buy one for $60 than $129 for something I am almost positive he'll just drop again and break. He'll get a few other things, too. Emilee did not want a heated mattress pad or blanket. She wants stuff. She got her Corgi puppy, so that's almost it for her for Christmas. She asked for "cool pens and paper for school". Ummm....ok. So I found her some pads of paper and some feathery pencils, etc. DH and I are going to do Christmas for US next month. I'm sewing my little heart out rig ht now. Quilts, stockings, wall hangings, ugh.

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    Hang in there, only a few more days. Hubby and I aren't doing Christmas for each other either, we decided to do it in March on vacation and get something we can't find around here.


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      Michelle, my hubby and I have the dual control one and it stays on during the night and usually by the time I get out of bed and get ready in the morning, it has turned off. I am not sure how many hours it stays on (probably about 8 hours before it automatically turns off). I turn mine on a few minutes before I get in bed so it will be warm. Since it's just me and my hubby home now, it has made a big difference in my utility bill, plus when my kids are home they love it to be cold, so all worked out. I also love it because it feels so good to my bladder. I like it much better than when I had an electric blanket. I hated to feel the wires. I don't feel them in the mattress pad.

      We got my in-laws one last year and they love it!



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        You shouldn't have to worry about the heated mattress pad; nearly all of them have an automatic shut-off after ten hours. I do have a suggestion for those cold beds --- I bought some fleece sheets for our bed. We like sleeping in a cold room in a warm bed and the sheets are wonderful. And I only paid $30 for both sheets plus pillow cases.

        Merry Christmas!
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          I love my flannel sheets! I had them when I lived with my grandma when I was in college. I bought a set for Jerry and I when we moved in together.

          I also asked mom for an electric blanket last year and she bought me one.

          Ive never heard of the electric pads. I might have to check into those. We keep our house pretty cool. (we are cheapies).

          Hope yall stay warm!
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            Justin LOVES his heated matress pad and now spends almost all day laying on his bed playing the playstation.

            I think I must have gotten the ONLY heated matress pad WITHOUT an auto turn off feature. I check it daily though.

            Emilee sure wishes that she got one now for Christmas. lol.


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              LOL you can count on kids to want what the other one got. Glad he is enjoying the new pad.