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Elmiron and Nursing....

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  • Elmiron and Nursing....

    Is it safe, has anyone taken it while nursing, and did it affect your baby? I went to a few websites and found it was supposedly safe, but also that there was not a lot of studies done. I just want to hear from others who took it and kinda get an idea for myself from experienced ICers.
    Mrs. Ridings

    I was on...
    Loestrin 24(to prevent period induced flares)
    Elmiron since Feb.'07 for a year and half
    Atenolol for Migraines(caused by elmiron) since June '07(Had to have the amount doubled)
    Tried Prevacid didn't work.
    Tried Axert for migraines didn't work.
    Tried Frova for migraines made worse.
    Atarax Feb.'07-Feb'08
    Used to take IBS meds of all kinds, now I use Yerba Mate guayaki drinks, eating lots of fiber and flax seed, and taking probiotics and added magnesium. My probiotics help w/ flares too.

    Now for the occasional flare related to stress, I take probiotic eleven and marshmallow root and it will make it stop and Im fine again. Otherwise I dont have many problems w/ my severe IC like I used to.Thank God!

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    I would double check with your midwife/ob or contact a lactation consultant, they are usually up to date with information. Another source of info is Medication and Mothers Milk by Dr. Thomas Hale, which you could probably find at the local library. Last year when I was breastfeeding, my midwife ok'd Elmiron for me once my milk supply was well established-around week 4. I nursed for 9 months with no problems on Elmiron. Again double check because information changes all the time. Hope this is helpful and enjoy breastfeeding your baby. They do grow up so quickly!


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      After consulting with my IC specialist, LC, and ped, who all said it was ok to take while BF, I began taking Elmiron when DD was 9-months-old. I weaned her at 18-months and took Elmiron that entire time with no noticeable effects on DD. Of course, remember that all of these doctors and LCs rely on Thomas Hales's book.


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        My specialist took me off of everything when we found out i was pregnate. Fortunatly, My OB looked up Elmiron for me b/c he knew about IC they found that its actually an A-list drug so its ok to take during pregnacy and nursing. Its ranked with tylenol. Witch is such a good thing b/c we can still take one of the meds. My OB was very strict about the rest of my meds.... they tried to keep me out of as much pain as possible. An i had to be thankfull that i had even found a knowlegable OB that cared about controling my IC and not just my pregnacy! GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE IC MOMS!!!!!!


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          i quit nursing at six months to take alternative meds. and it broke my heart!!!! but if i had to do it again, i would have kept nursing. my uro felt that elmiron was safe. she said that the benefits of breastfeeding highly outweigh any of the few risk...and as others have said, it appears that elmiron is fine. you of course, have to make the decision that you are comfortable with and that will work for you and your baby! don't feel guilty if you decide that you want to bottle feed. breastmilk is best but it is unfair that ic gets to have a say in that part of our lives too. i breastfed my first two for 16 months and the last for only 6, but i still got to love and bond with him just the same as the other two (even though i did miss it so much!!!) let us know what you decided!!!
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            Re: Elmiron and Nursing....

            Have any of you that nursed and used elmiron notice any long term effects from the elmiron?


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              Re: Elmiron and Nursing....

              I breast fed my babies loved every minute of it, my heart goes out to you in the dilemma of havering to choose one or the other or medicate while doing it. I was not on any meds when I was breast feeding.
              Breast feeding is so rewarding for some people.
              I wonder if it is an option to have instill's for symptoms till you are done breast feeding, and try Elmiron when done. Elmiron is not always the first treatment.
              The other thing is I believe that Elmeron can take months to work because your body can only use a small amount of what you actually take.
              Also for most medications you can find out if it is transferred into breast milk, I think it depends how the body process the medication weather it will go into the breast milk.
              Tough choice.
              My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.