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    No I am not preg, I have been a lot of stomach issues lately, main symptom is 20-30 mins after eating I get really bad abdominal pain, that last 2-4 hours and nothing I have done seems to help it.

    It is not what I am eating anything can cause it, for a few weeks it happened every other day or so and not after every meal. Last week it started to be everyday, but not every meal, then of course it happened after every meal, I could get away with eating a few mouthfuls of things but not more.

    I realized then that it was very much like the attacks I had before having my gallbladder removed.

    I tried pain meds, not much help, antispasmodics, no help caused retention as usually. Tried a few other meds but none helped, the only thing I can do is lie down with a heating pad.

    The pain is all over and aggravates my IC big time. No sleep for me.

    The other day my Dr. decided I need an ultrasound to see if they can see anything going on, and put me on diclectin (doxylamine succ/pyridoxine)

    I put this ? in this section as this medication is used for morning sickness during pregnancy.

    I have taken 3 pills, I am to take one in the PM/AM.

    They about 1/2 the abdominal pain, but really increase IC pain, my bladder is on fire as well as a very sore low back.

    I didn't take a pill this am and feel quite a bit better IC wise, I have not eaten yet so don't know about my abdomen, it dies down to a dull roar when I don't eat.

    I talked to my Dr. and told what was going on and he said to try 2 pills tonight and see how it goes. I think he heard my say it made my retention worse, but not the burning in the bladder. Basically he left it up to me if I take it again tonight or not and to call or go see him tomorrow.

    I need to do something as I can't function like this, don't eat have trouble with blood sugar, eat have severe pain for next few hours, take med and have IC flare for a day, I feel kind of stuck.

    Anyone else tried this med as it is used to morning sickness, and did you flare from it. I suspect I am flaring from the Vit B6 in it.

    Thanks MG
    My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.