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Fears before pregnancy

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  • Fears before pregnancy

    I have posted this on the "considering pregnancy" forum which turned out to be a mistake since I received some very negative and depressing comments.
    Now I realize maybe this forum would be a better idea.
    I am going through fertility treatments and am consumed with fear of having a daughter and passing IC on to her. I am also scared my IC will worsen over the years, leaving me to raise a child alone with no income if I lose my job (I am single).
    Honestly, in my emotional state at the moment I can't cope with any negative comments. I just want to get some encoregement from mothers who shared the same fears during pregnancy, and all ended out ok.
    I really hope some of you are out there, since I really need some encoregement and hope!
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    Re: Fears before pregnancy

    don't be afraid. If it's one thing i learned is to never let ic consume your life. There is hope out there and effective treatments. I developed ic symptoms 3 years after having my daughter due to a major hormonal imbalance i struggled with from life after pregnancy lol!. Fear of any kind will make everything worse. If your ic should progress over time and you already have a diagnosis you can always try your hand in the future applying for social security benefits. It's not easy but if you can get a lawyer to help you out with filing your claim things should go a little more smoothly. I deal with these fears all the time. Will my ic get worse?...will i be able to raise my daughter? will i ever be able to lead a normal life atleast until she becomes an adult. All these fears run through my head all the time and that's normal. This disease is no walk in the park. my symptoms are mostly burning discomfort. No pain, no frequency and no urgency still the burning drives me insane at times. If i could have another baby believe me i would ic and all. I can't because i was recently diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome which pretty much renders me infertile. I hope this helps to ease and comfort you some what. Sending hugs and healing prayers your way.



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      Re: Fears before pregnancy

      My children were born before my bladder was attacked by interstitial cystitis, but I did continue to care for them after I developed it. There were times when I didn't feel good enough to do things like go hiking or play ball with them, but as adults they sometimes share treasured memories from childhood. Some of the things they recall are snuggling in bed with me watching a scary movie, playing board games, having me read to them (even after they could read). And all of my three children grew up to be wonderful, caring adults who understand and sympathize with people who have medical problems. They actually have more patience with me than I have with myself!

      Some ICers go into remission during pregnancy; some have difficult times, but that's true even in people without IC. I have seen posts by people on these forums as they go through pregnancy --- and once they are able to hold their little ones, I've never seen even one person with regret.

      I hope one day you'll be posting an announcement.

      By the way, I am the only one in my family, including aunts, uncles, cousins, with IC. Several years ago when I went to a family reunion for the first time since high school I had to try to explain IC to them. They had never heard of it.

      Warm hugs,
      Stay safe

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