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Covid-19 vaccine and IC

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  • Covid-19 vaccine and IC

    Hello everyone,

    I am researching the topic of flares after vaccination. Could you please share your experience? I am about to get vaccinated and I have a lot of questions since on another forum a lot of people are writing they have really bad flares after vaccines, yet some of them cannot get back to their normal state for months already.

    Would be very grateful if you share some information about your state!

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    Hi, I'm from the 'other' forum too, and as you know this is something I'm very concerned about too. I'm highly chemically sensitive and everything seems to burn me and leave me badly damaged, so I'm dreading having to have these done. If It was just once a year It might be doable, but twice would do such terrible damage, especially now I've found out I have pernicious anaemia and will have to inject once a week for the rest of my life.


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      Hey! I’m very sorry to hear that and I can relate, I am also very sensitive to a lot of things, my food diet is very strict for a longer period of time now.

      So from what I understand you haven’t yet done the vaccine, right?

      I am extremely worried and scared of what might happen after vaccination since a lot of people are talking about flares they had.


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        Yeah I haven't done it yet as on top of everything else I've recently found out that my steadily deterioration health is down to pernicious anaemia and so I now have to endue injections of B12 for the rest of my life. My body can only handle so much pain before I will go insane. This whole vaccination thing seems fine for many people, but for some others, including people like us, it's turning out to be highly problematical.


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          I am so sorry you will have to take this vitamin… For most people, like you said, such things are just a pleasure and for people like us it could be a different situation. Did you try B12 already? Is it the one that is of pink color?

          So you are not considering vaccination for the moment, right?

          At that ‘other’ forum people were mostly writing about Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. I wonder what would it be in terms of AstraZeneca.


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            Oh I suspect properly the same sadly. I haven't tried B12 in injection form yet, that horror starts next week. I have to get my life in order before I'm totally incapacitated by the pain.


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              I would want it so much it is OK and who knows maybe you won’t have any negative reaction to B12. Really, you never know. Yet, maybe it is possible to get this vitamin with food? Although I am sure you have already considered that.

              I am thinking about visiting a Dr before getting a jab. Maybe he would tell me not to do it this time because for instance a lot of his patients are still in flare. But in reality it would probably be like he would tell me the profits of a vaccine outweigh it’s possible side effects.


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                Yeah, sadly I suspect it would be the latter.


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                  Hi Sonya,

                  My daughter and I both have IC and we had no problems getting the vaccine. I had Moderna and she had the Pfizer one. Just normal reported side effects of the general population. Nothing dramatic.
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                    Sadly for the past 20 years I react extremely badly to nearly all meds. Even pain killers leave me bladder feeling raw afterwards. I think the time has come to have this thing taken out of me.


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                      I had Moderna vaccine back in March. My only effect was a sore arm for a few days. No bladder effect at all.

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                        Sadly some of us aren't so lucky.....