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Nikki (Generic for Yaz Birth Control)

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  • Nikki (Generic for Yaz Birth Control)

    Hi everyone,
    does anyone have experience with Yaz or generic forms of it like Nikki?
    I was prescribed Yaz but insurance doesn’t cover it so my pharmacy gave me Nikki. I get a lot of mild ic symptoms at ovulation, before and after my period. No dietary triggers really. To be honest, PFD causes most of my symptoms but I’ve never been able to really find a trigger for my fares bc the bad ones are few and far between. My Urogynacologist thought bc may help. I know Yaz has a possibility of increasing potassium and has a diuretic effect, which makes me feel like it would cause a flare??
    what are your thoughts? I don’t have any frequency or urgency. Never had. My flairs were/are urethral burning.