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High iga (immunoglobulin A) level in blood

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  • High iga (immunoglobulin A) level in blood

    I had this in my last blood test and i know its probably from a virus or something but wondering if anyone found that they had this when their bladder sorta felt icky.
    Since i have read that some ICers present with high iga when their bladder lining was inflammed (it was a study so they had done regular cystoscopes and could see when someone had inflammation in the bladder and they were doing regular blood tests too)
    Just wondering if anyone out there have had this test done and found they too had a high iga level but no other thing other then feeling like their bladder is inflammed.
    I sorta feel inflammation around my surgical incision area right now so maybe thats it.
    I just figured to just see if anyone else had this and it might just point to our bladders.
    Have had ic symptoms for 18 years, officially diagnosed 15 years....treatments--herbs, antidepressants, anticonvulsants, overactive bladder meds, painkillers, instils........
    Had endo but had to have a hysterectomy, now menopause yay
    Vulvadynia, ibs, acid reflux, raynauds, TMJ, and suspected auto-immune disorder of some kind
    Other things, heart defect and scoliosis