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    Hi guys. After since I had the hydro. in the hospial and with all these meds. on I'm, Elmiron, Elavil, Dithropan, it seems that when I wear my contact lenses, they keeping burning my eyes and it's real blurry. Does this happen to any of you? I know the dithropan makes your eyes dry, but I only take it when I feel I need to. Sometimes once or twice a day, sometimes I even forget to take it. I'm am going to the eye doctor today, but I was just wondering if this happens to anyone else. I went tannin the other day but I wore my eye goggles. I hope I didn't burn my eyeballs.....Love, Sandy in CT

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    I haven't had any problem with this.


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      I have had the same trouble. I have not worn my contacts in 2 1/2 years. Yesterday, I wore them for the first time since I was diagnosed. I also wore them today. They feel quite comfortable. I started in on hormone therapy a week ago. I am thirty and have not had a hysterectomy. However, I went to see a hormone specialist a week ago. He said I am not making enough hormones to spit much less wear contacts. Anyhow, I am hoping the hormone therapy will improve my IC, as well as, my dry eyes. -Vicki
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