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I've had Sjogren's syndrome for a zillion years!

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  • I've had Sjogren's syndrome for a zillion years!

    ...or so it seems. So, if you need any help with Sjogren's syndrome, just ask away and I'll try to help..
    Success is getting what you want. Happiness is liking what you get.
    --Brian Basset, Adam at Home cartoon

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    OK, have I got some questions for you! How did your doctor diagnose your Sjorgren's?

    My Opthalmologist is POSITIVE I have this disease even with a negative blood test and a negative saliva gland biopsy. In fact, the biopsy report said "no evidence of Sjorgren's". I also have stage 3 Blepharitis, which can contribute to the dry patches on the cornea. I am in the beginning stages of allergy shots for mold and dust mite allergies. I find that when I am in an environment loaded with mold and dust, my eyes get really dry and really red FAST.
    I don't have dryness asywhere else, like the mouth or worse.
    I think we got some other possible causes for dry eye here.
    What were your symptoms and how are you handling your disease?
    thanks so much for your help!