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symptoms of sjogrens vs. fibro!?????!!

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  • symptoms of sjogrens vs. fibro!?????!!

    Hi-----I am confused. doc says that I have Fibromyalgia. I have all the tender points along with the other ghastly symptoms. While looking up info about my dry eyes and mouth (the sjogren's or sicca), I am seeing that the symptoms of muscle/joint pain and fatigue can be CAUSED BY Sjogren's syndrome. So how do I know if I have in fact got just Sojgren's and not fibro? Because I have the tender points, would that be the thing that says the other symptoms are from fibro? They're very close (the symptoms). The only test I see for determining sjogren's is a horrible sounding biopsy/gland removal from bottom lip. I am very confused.I hope this post makes sense because I'm foggy today. thanks for any input-----Lori61

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    Diagnosing Sjogrens is very tricky business. Some people with Sjogrens have positive ANA blood tests. Some also are positive for specific Sjogrens antibodies. Some have all the symptoms but are negative for the antibodies. Are you seeing a rheumatologist and have you had an ANA test. That would be the first step towards diagnosis.

    I have dry eyes and mouth, low positive ANA but not Sjogrens antibodies. Originally I was diagnosed with an undifferentiated connective tissue disease. I later developed severe dry eye which is treated by my eye doctor. I don't know whether the docs would say I have Sjogrens or not, I never really asked. they would certainly say I have siccas syndrome but mostly we treat symptoms. However, that said I was already being treated for the connective tissue disease. Since both are autoimmune diseases the overall treatments can be quite similar,except that special eye care may be needed if your eyes are dry enough. I finally got punctal plugs and they help alot.
    Check out
    hope this helps.

    By the way, medicines like elavil can cause dryness as well.

    Hope this helps.