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Dry mouth from meds or lupus?

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  • Dry mouth from meds or lupus?

    I've had a dry mouth for years and just figured it was from my meds. Lately though, it's been so bad that when I talk my lips stick to my teeth! Now I'm wondering if the dry mouth is because of my lupus. I didn't even know I had lupus until what I thought was tendonitis in my wrist turned out to be arthritis and I had some blood tests and was referred to rhuematologist. I'm researching lupus and found a few articles about IC being a rare manifestation, and other symptoms of lupus match my problems like rash on the face from the sun, depression, dry mouth, numb feet, chest pain, shortness of breath...

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    What we have is Today.

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    I know the feeling of dry mouth!!! The first night tried trazadone (to help me sleep), not only did it make me stoned and unable to sleep, but it glued my mouth together - you know the panic you get when you get your tongue stuck to something frozen - well, I had the same panic with this situation I wasn't sure if I could get it unstuck!!!! Of course I did, and the whole experience has made me petrified of the drug... but I do know that the next one the dr. will try will probably do something similar... it's amazing what we have to put up with for a little relief!

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      I also take a medication that makes my mouth dry. My doctor suggested an increase a few months ago and when I woke up the next morning my mouth was so sticky from dryness that I couldn't talk until I got some water.

      I do long for the days when the only meds I took were an occasional aspirin :::::sigh:::::

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        My dad said something awhile ago that scared me, he said dry mouth like that from meds actually can cause the teeth to rot! I asked my dentist about it and he said it was true. Have you ever had a dream where all your teeth get loose and then fall out? It's a nightmare! I've dreamed that dream a couple of times in my life. Then someone told me that particular dream signifies fear that your life is falling apart.

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        What we have is Today.

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          Just to let you ladies know what I use for dry mouth. Oral Balance gel before bed, and again when I awaken during the night. During the day I chew Biotene gum.One of the most important factors of increased dental cavities, plaque formation and gum disease is the reduction in saliva flow.When used daily, the active enzymes in Biotene can be effective in helping the defence system normally found in saliva. The gel takes some getting used to, but it has helped me by not waking me up every 1/2hr for water.


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            HI LIISA,
            I was interested in what you said about Trazodone. My G.P. has recently prescribed it for me at bedtime to help with the chronic pain. Do you remember what dose you were taking? As I have just started taking it I am not sure if it is helping but I do know what you mean by the dry mouth. I had the problem already with my pain meds. but with Trazodone it is worse. Has your doctor switched to something else? Thanks.