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    I desperately want to wear my contacts for my wedding. I can't wear them anymore with IC. I just had the interstim done so I'm hoping someday I will be able to wear contacts again. My wedding is in June but I can only wear my contacts for 10 minutes and then I have to rip them out and itch my eyes for the rest of the day. I have the most expensive contacts on the market! Do any of you have any suggestions on what eye drops are good for people who wear contacts and have IC?

    Do any of you wear contacts? If so what brand?

    I need some eye drops for my contacts just to get through at least my ceremony. Can I use Tears Natural/ Bion Tears with contacts?


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    What kind of saline solution are you using with your contacts it sounds like you are allergic to it?I have worn contacts for 20 years and the best kind I have found are focus because they are disposable and I cant use the cleaning solution it burns my eyes. I would talk to your doc about them they are great.Also if you get any deposits on then that will hurt your eyes too.Bausch &Lomb sensitive eyes is the best saline I have found,also make sure you don't have any lent or dust on your fingers from towels.
    good luck with this I know how painful it can be


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      Hey Hon,

      I know the discouragment of trying to wear contacts. I wore them in my early 20s but then had to give up for 10 years due to dry eyes and allergies. I'm now back wearing a new type of contact which is the only one FDA approved for dry eyes: PROCLEAR Compatibles are the brand name. They are much thinner and require virtually no water. However, they do tend to tear easily. I suggest you ask the doctor about this type and see if you could try them out. Another thing, get the doctor to prescribe PATENOL which is a steroid allergy drop for the eyes. It definately eliminates the itching and you can use 10 minutes before putting your lenses in. The only drawback for me is that I tend to go through a six month supply of contacts in three months because often they stick to my eyes and tear when I take them out. You might not have this problem though but definately try the PROCLEAR COMPATIBLES.



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        Talk to the doctor about a new type of contact for Dry Eyes called ProCLEAR Compatibles. It is the only brand FDA approved for dry eyes. I could not wear any other type for 10 years and this is the first lens that my allergy eyes can take. Also get a prescription for PATENOL that will help with the allergy in the eyes.



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          Hi Kara,I was just wondering if you had talked to your eye doc.?
          I would really like to know what he/she said.
          I hope evrything goes well and I will be praying for you