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    Thank you, everyone, for your suggestions. I will try these out. Can you please tell me something about the RX toothpaste "Prevadent"? How much does it cost and how much hassle does your insurance co. give you to get it paid for- or do you have to pay for it out of pocket? My ins. co does not honor RX written by the dentist, so I will have to have my GP write it for me. Now I understand why I get this nasty metallic taste in my mouth. Thank you for pointing that out. I have tons of info on Sjogren's and I don't remember that being mentioned. I am in a severe IC flare right now and I have a wierd metallic "filling" taste. I now realize that I have actually had Sjogren's most likely beginning in 1970 when I was just a young thing of 16. However, I was unaware I had Sjogren's until very late in the "game," as were all the doctors, dentists, endodontists and periodontists that I saw in the 80's and 90's. Talk about clueless!!!In Phase I, Sjogren's first went through and destroyed my entire mouth and by 1979, all but my very front teeth now have either root canals, full crowns or are hollow shells filled with tons of fillings. In 1995 I even had two lower left molars pulled due to excruciating pain. There was actually nothing wrong with the teeth & all the specialists I saw said I had "excellent home care." You would think that because of all the rapid decay and gum erosion they would begin to investigate for the cause since it wasn't due to poor hygiene. Go figure. (I had tons of lab work done in the 80's- all positive for an Autoimmune Disease. These tests were ignored by my doctor. Again, go figure). In Phase II, I had and still do have, severe Trigeminal Neuralgia on the left side made worse the dental work done in the mid 90's. My left side of the face was actually paralyzed for awhile. Phase III, the Sjogren's began to destroy my corneas in 1999, and I had to have an emergency visit and treatment by my ophthalmologist so I wouldn't lose my eyesight. This is when I was officially diagnosed with Sjogren's. Thank goodness the eye doctor knew "his stuff." When this happened I had END STAGE IC,and the stress from IC caused the Sjogren's to progress very rapidly and Phase IV is when the severe dry skin appeared. At first I thought it was due to being middle aged. But I was wrong. Regarding diet: I was always very thin and never worried about my weight so I have NEVER EVER used artificial sweetners, I can't stand the bitter wierd taste. I am not a cola/soft drink person. I prefer natural fruit juices. (When I was finally diagnosed with the IC in 97 I was put on meds in 97 & 98 for a short time which I became violently allergic to which caused me to gain 35 lbs,and also caused dry mouth & eyes, etc. I can't get the weight off now!). My meds right now are: Elmiron, and round the clock opiate narcotics for the unbearable pain. I can't tolerate any "anticholinergics" which cause the severe dry mouth, eyes & skin. The severe dry mouth and skin I have now is due solely from Sjogren's. Drinking water or juice does not help, plus I don't like to pee. It hurts. I chew tons of Trident when my mouth become unbearable. That's about it for the Sjogren's saga. I will try all the suggestions everyone was kind enough to mention. Thanks!!

    Laura Hubbard

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    Originally posted by yvette:
    Hi Laura, I got the Rx for Prevadent from my dentist. I had told her of all the meds I was on and my concern of dry mouth and myrisk with cavaties and gum disease as a result. She indeed did agree that lack of saliva would encourage the growth of bad bateria and the cavaties that surely would come about. (Not to mention ca-ca bad breath.) THe toothpaste was NOT covered under my health plan of BC/BS HMO blue and I paid $14.00 for it. Your plan may differ and may cover it.

    I am currently on an oral rinse after a deep drilling and filling placed earlier this month. THe rinse is called PerioGuard (Colgate makes it), it is also and Rx. This WAS covered by my HMO and only cost me $5.00 This rinse was Rx'd because of pain in the surrounding gum tissue. Its hopeflly going to prevent infection and stop bad bacteria from growing there. Hope this helped some!
    Hi Yvette,
    Thanks for the info!! I will talk to my GP about both products. Can you tell me which company makes the Prevadent? My dr. may want to research both of these products before blindly writing out an RX for something he knows nothing about. I doubt very much that my HMO- Secure Horizons- will pay for either. They have very little drugs on their formulary. But, at least I have insurance I just don't have a urologist anymore! There are 14 urologists in a 3-5 mile radius where I live and not one of them will take someone with IC. We are NOT welcome in their offices!!

    Laura Hubbard


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      Hi Laura! Both Products are made by Colgate. THe full name of the tooth paste is: PreviDent® 5000 Plus-Prescription Dental Cream. It comes in Spearamint of Tutti Frutti. Their 800# is: 1-800-962-2345.

      The Oral rinse is called Colgate PerioGard® (Chlohexidine Gloconate Oral Rinse, 0.12%) from the makers of Viadent® Advanced Care. PerioGard® is the Generic for PeriDex®. The Label (there's actaully a BOOKLET attached to the bottle) says for any questions contact your dentist or your pharmacist....sorry no 800# for this product.

      Dont feel too bad about the coverage, I was floored that they covered the rinse, usally, for me anyways, dental is never covered.
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        Laura, if you go to the ICA site: and find their 800 number, they will send you a list of urologists in your area who treat IC.

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