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detrol drying you out?

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  • detrol drying you out?

    i have only taken one 2mg dose of detrol LA so far, and buddy, my eyes are sooooo dry. i could drink a gallon of water. my hands feel like they are cracking open as i type.

    anyone else had this?

    any suggestions?
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    I am taking ditropan for about a month now and it makes me sooo thirsty. I get wicked dry mouth and my skin is very dry also!
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      I've been taking Driptane since last November. I'm sick of the dry mouth but it's way better than the IC pain. For eyes/hands I don't know what to do, but for the mouth I sip water. And eating and swallowing can be a huge problem too.

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        I also take ditropanxl and pyridium plus and I get the dry mouth too. I keep an insulated cup of ice water beside me all the time, and it helps a lot or chew some gum. that helps too.good luck and hope you have a painfree day. grouphug grouphug
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          It destroys my sinuses and throat after about a week of taking it.
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