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need help with dry mouth

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  • cherislp
    There are products out there for dry mouth! They have more in some places than others. I have found Walgreen's is best if you have one by you. Biotene company makes dry mouth toothepaste, dry mouth mouthwash, dry mouth gum and artifical saliva. If you can't find it in the store they have a web site, but offhand I don't know the address. All that helps with tooth decay issues and keeping the mouth semi moist.

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  • PaulaG
    started a topic need help with dry mouth

    need help with dry mouth

    I couldn't find any posts, so I guess I'll be the first. I have dry mouth from various medications (not Sjogren's).

    I'm in need of suggestions for ways to deal with this other than sucking on sugarless candy or throat drops, many of which have aspartame or other nasty sugar substitutes. I do drink a lot of water - I need to if I don't want my urine to get too concentrated and irritating. That's a fine line though between too little and too much that I'm running to the bathroom even more than I do.

    Is there something like an artificial saliva out there that works and isn't too horrible (and do you need a prescription for it)?

    Boy am I getting tired of paying for dental work which could possibly have been avoided.