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    Dry Eyes and mouth

    I was wondering if I was the only one, but now I see there are a lot of us who have dry eyes, when I get up in the morning It is like I have a cold in my eye, it matters and all through the day I have like sandy parts on my eye lashes and bot corners of my eyes burn. My inside of my eyes looks like I have pink eye. I do not use the eye drops that say (keeps the red out) I only use the ones that say natural tears. I think it really helps but I probably should put them in more often. As for my dry mouth I take water to bed with me and even if I go in town I take water in the car. My throat gets very dry and I choke easily so the water really helps. I have a problem when I use drinks with artificial sweeteners in. My voice[ gets so low like I am whispering.
    It is kind of nice to know someone else is having the same problem, and that you can fix it yourself without going to a Dr. and paying their office fees.
    Take care and God Bless


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      I just went to a opthamologist, he told me to use all natural artifiicial tears only, 6-7 times a day, and than use a gel tear at night. The gel tear really helps. He also put me on Lotremax for 3 weeks, it helped. But as soon as I quit using it, it was back. So for the next 2 weeks he told me to try the tears, and it that doesn't work, I am trying restasis. It is really expensive though. The gel tears really help.


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        Hormone Levels

        I was just doing some reading and the book said that low testosterone can be a cause of dry eyes. I started having dry eyes about ten or twelve years ago. I had to stop wearing contacts. The things that helped me were Gen-Teal eyedrops and Hydroeye nutritional supplement. If I knew then what I know now, I would have insisted that my estradiol and testosterone levels be checked no matter how old I was. I think you have to rule that out first.
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          Re: dry eyes

          I have a bad dry eye problem too. It may not be IC meds, but part of the complex of diseases that often occur with IC - they are all inflammatory diseases, I assume, related to mast cells: IC, IBS, dry eyes, fibromyalgia, anxiety, allergies.