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Biotene Dry Mouth Remedy not for me - want it?

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  • Biotene Dry Mouth Remedy not for me - want it?

    Hey out there! I'm on Enablex and working in live radio.. enough said?

    I've been using OASIS dry mouth spray made by GlaxoSmithKline, but couldn't find it when I ran out yesterday.

    So I purchased BIOTENE Oral Balance dry mouth moisturizer made by Laclede, Inc. It doesn't spray...just drops on your tongue and claims to last 3 hours.

    Anyway, let this be a warning to everyone: DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! It tastes absolutely terrible. There's a chemical-type flavor and a really WEIRD texture to it. It creates a 'film' that's just as bad as dry mouth!

    Oh well.

    Hey - has anybody out there been able to afford Aquoral? My co-pay AFTER insurance was nearly $100! I tried it once at the urologist's office, though. Good stuff.
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    Exposure to an unclean hot tub 2-17-07 FIRST UTI
    (Got ringworm-like sores from it before)
    (Someone else got what looked like 'eye herpes')
    (My husband got an ear infection. We were all just sitting there!)
    SYMPTOMS: Severe Urgency/Frequency for 18 months, food sensitivity, widespread nerve pains (random and everywhere), deep bladder pain that developed into flares at 4 months. Completely unreasonable diet sensitivity.
    TESTS: Nothing showed in urine cultures, CT scan, Cystoscopy, Lumbar puncture, back and brain MRIs, EMG tests.
    Hydrodistension Surgery/Biopsy showed minor glomerulations, inflammatory and mast cells, and a rare eosinophil. Blood tests show elevated ANA.
    CONFUSED: My hands and feet started falling asleep. I got twitching nerves or muscles everywhere. I started having concentration and memory problems, vision problems, then fatigue and chronic migraines. Fibromyalgia diagnosed, SSDI disability awarded at 4 years, then gone at 7 years. Won the appeal. IBS and esophagus spasms at 6 years.
    MEDICATIONS: Marcaine/Heparin/Sodium Bicarb instills, Lyrica, Nortriptyline, Uribel. Paxil and Trazadone from before. Painkillers as needed. Supplements include CystoProtek, DH Aloe, Colostrum.
    PREVIOUS CONDITIONS: Sudden onset of double vision, Paxil Discontinuation Syndrome, PTSD

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    Have you tried the Tom's brand mouth rinse at all? All the Tom's is all natural.

    Just a thought