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Frequent mouth ulcers

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  • Frequent mouth ulcers

    I get very frequently nasty ulcers in my mouth, they are quite painful... sometimes on the tongue too.

    Is this a common symptom in IC patients?

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    I used to get them frequently, but I found it was caused at least partly by the mouthwash I was using. I honestly don't think it's related to my IC since I haven't had any for quite some time.

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      I get these often as well. I know I especially get them when I take certain medications. I am guessing they are canker sores. They are very painful. There is that stuff you can get over the counter called Kanka. It is a liquid you put on the sore to help the pain.


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        I got some similar products in Uk... sometimes they last like 10 days or more though!

        How nasty!

        At least I can come in this forum and complain, complain, complain.


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          I have gotten them all my life. It's related to acid as well. My son used to eat strawberries by the handful and always ended up with sores in his mouth. I have also found that using warm salt water will help. It sometimes burns at first, but I have found it allows the healing process to speed up.


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            Thanks Tracey, I didn't know that!

            So I hope that with Ic diet that will improve as well!


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              Canker sores can indicate low iron levels due to heavy bleeding.

              Also, they could be cold sores inside the mouth from herpes.

              In addition, some toothpastes and mouthwashes that contain sodium lauryl sulfate can irritate gums and tongue intensely enough to cause sores.

              If they are coming a lot, I'd see a physician and have them cultured to make sure they aren't viral or your not anemic. Then again, if they are, there are meds to help control that.

              Oh, I forgot to add that Lipitor is sometimes a culprit behind these.
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                oh thanks.

                I have beta-thalassemia (mild) as well so I do have anemia. It makes sense.


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                  I get these often not really canker sore though, I have a script call orabase, you buy it over the counter in some places, it is a sticky paste that I put on at night, it stays on all night and ussally clears up sore over night. My doc said these were for stomach acids backing up into my month, I have GERD.
                  I may have spelt this wrong PM if anyone needs the name of this I can go find the tube and give you the correct name and spelling.
                  My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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                    Originally posted by april ryan View Post
                    I get very frequently nasty ulcers in my mouth, they are quite painful... sometimes on the tongue too.

                    Is this a common symptom in IC patients?
                    I have read that this is common w/ IC patients but, i have had canker sores my whole life. also i was taking lyrica which causes canker sores. so it could also be a side effect from a med you are on.

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                    too many pills for my age!!!

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                      I just saw this old thread and was curious...does anyone else on here get frequent cold sores with IC? I have had them my whole life off and on but lately it is really frequent...and I'm not tough enough to not be embarassed about it can I get a break from something please!? I've been trying home remedies instead of more pills on top of my ic meds!!

                      Anyone have this! so annoyed...

                      thank you!!
                      best, Kate

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                      I graduated from college in Boston in May. And since then have been trying to get my pain regime for this disease under control!

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                      Vesicare (1 a day)
                      Prosed as needed

                      I am constantly looking for alternatives to these medications to heal my body! I am open to suggestions (thinking about aloe, cystoprotek, accupuncture, etc) until then I am keeping my fingers crossed that elmiron works for me!!!

                      I started PT last week....this consists of electro stimulation through my ankle of my prudential nerve.

                      oh yeah I also practice yoga every day I can and am wishing I could work out like I used to!

                      I am lucky to have an extremely supportive husband and family

                      Thank you all for your help and support! It means more than I could ever say in words

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                        I use to get them really bad. So bad I would have to go to the DR. I still get them but on the side of my tongue. I'm wondering if its do to dry mouth???
                        My DR gave me a mouth wash called MAry's magic mouth wash. It helped a lot.

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                          I get frequent canker sores in my mouth and have always gotten them,long before IC. I have full dentures so that contributes to it. Bite down on something wrong and makes a sore spot in my mouth. A canker sore will show up after that. I use OTC Orabase in a tube and it really numbs it.


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                            Cold sores vs Canker sores

                            For sores insde the mouth, canker sores, I do gargles with warm water and salt.

                            For cold sores or herpes - normally outside the mouth on the lips -you can get them if you are very stressed out (crying a lot etc...and yeah one can do thta with IC), cold weather also... for that you can take Famvir or Valtrex. If you are getting them frequently you can have a precription ready at home when the symptoms start you can suppress it. Be careful not to spread it to other parts of your body!
                            Do not use salt gargles with Cold Sores!
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                            Femcon Fe (2/07 to 10/07):caused spotting/bleeding
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                              Remove SLS and you stop many mouth ulcers

                              I did some research and learned that my frequent mouth ulcers were a bad reaction to the SLS in the toothpaste.

                              SLS is a foaming agent, sodium laurel sulfate, that has no place in toothpaste. It's what make your laundry detergent foamy!

                              I bought Biotene toothpaste and mouthwash and used it regularly. Now, about a year later, I get one or two mouth ulcers a year instead of almost weekly.

                              Please consider this solution. Many doctors think that SLS abrades the lining of the mouth and makes it more susceptible to ulceration. Which HURTS!

                              Hope this helps.
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                              • Stuff that helps me--
                              - the IC diet
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                              - Hydroxyzine- antihistamine for IC