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Biotene at Walgreen's

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  • Biotene at Walgreen's

    I was just over at Walgreen's, and in looking at their ad they now sell the Biotene there (the ad lists the Dry Mouth Moistureizer Gel, Toothpaste, and Mouthwash). In this week's ad, at least where I live, they're all on sale for 4.99 each.

    Even at walmart, I seem to remember the mouthwash costing more than that (that's the only one I've bought)

    I use it 'cause I have Sleep Apnea, and the air from my Cpap dries it out (plus I have had dry mouth for forver....long before finding out I had Sleep Apnea). I haven't used it a lot though, mainly 'cause of the cost....guess I better start to use it more, though!
    Becky, 33
    dx'd hypothyroidism May 2004
    dx'd Plantar Fasciitis (tendonitis in the foot) Oct 2006
    emergency surgery to remove right ovary & cyst Feb 7, 2008.
    dx'd Sleep Apnea Oct 2008

    don't know if I have IC or PFD, but suspect so. Have had minor frequency & urgency my whole life. Have had abdominal pain at least 2-3 years. been tested 4 times for UTI, only once was positive.
    Currently in process of diagnosis...

    I take:
    150 mg levothyroxine daily (for hypo)
    Prelief as needed.
    colace/ Miralax as perscribed by my Dr (pretty much daily) for chronic constipation...
    IC diet as much as possible...

    My sweetheart/ hubby was born with Spastic Cerebral Palsy. As a result, he is legally blind, has a minor speech impairment, & uses a wheelchair. And he's one of the brightest people I know. He has also had back problems since May 2007.