I have Sjogren's syndrome (negative blood work, so diagnosis based on symptoms.) I have severely dry eyes day and night and very dry mouth which is worse at night. I also have vaginal pain and dryness and endometriosis. I actually experienced IC and endometriosis years before I started getting the dry eyes and mouth.
For eye dryness I use Bion Tears.
For mouth dryness I also use Biotene mouth gel.
I also use a vaporizer in my bedroom for about an hour before bed.
For vaginal dryness and also for IC symptoms I use bioidentical estriol vaginal cream (0.5mg/g.)
I have been in a flare for the past week and think that it may have been triggered partly by my not using my estriol cream. I started using the estriol again last night and I feel way better today! I had a feeling that there was a connection. I only use very small amounts of estriol and not as much recommended by my doctor. Higher amounts make me weepy and nauseous but I am fine with just a little bit.