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Just dx with episcleritis

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  • Just dx with episcleritis

    I was recently dx with episcleritis by an optomologist, which is a possible autoimmune disease that attacks my eyes. This disease attacks my eyes and makes them look like i have pink eye. I was wondering if anyone with Ic has this problem? Its very frustrating and painful.

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    I have Sjogren's which is an autoimmune disease where your body attacks tear ducts (and salivary glands among other things) and causes dry eyes. I am supposing it is not exactly the same but perhaps I know a little bit how you feel. Over the past 7 years my eyes have driven me nuts by itching all the time and burning and the worst part is when I get up in the morning my lids stick to my eyes and it makes me feel like crap when I get up (aside from general fatigue). I started noticing in pictures or the mirror that my eyes always looked sickly.....anyway, have you been given any medication to try to relieve discomfort? Some things that might help are preservative free eye lubricating drops or gels (I use Systane vials) and restasis?

    I wish you well and am around if you need to chat.


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      P.S. My eyes are also bloodshot, always red and I can't wear my contacts any longer. I am also a Jersey Girl - in Essex County now.....