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  • Dry eye relief!

    I have always had dry eyes,but when I started hydroxyzine for my IC (which works really well for me) it became really tough. I was using Over the counter eye gel which is expensive & I needed to use it all day long. Finally my eyes got so dry that my vision was blurry every night. My optometrist prescribed Xiidra, and I am very pleased-my eyes haven't felt this good in years. She explained that Xiidra takes 2 weeks to kick in, while the first similar eye drop "Restasis" takes at least 5 weeks to work-I'm guessing that this might be why the previous ICer thought they didn't work for her,that maybe she didn't find using them for so long with no results = they didn't work for her). I read here that that the rx eye drops for dry eyes didn't help (in an older post) so I was delighted that I am having good results. I believe that Restasis is coming "off patent" so should be available in a less expensive generic formulation (neither of these meds are affordable,I have good insurance). However I read yesterday that the manufacturers of Restasis are trying to move the domain of Restasis to an (American) Indian reservation. (Indian reservations are considered a sovereign entity and not subject to federal law) so they can keep their patent. Disgusting. Anyway,if you can afford either drug,I encourage you to try them. And be aware that the Restasis takes a good long time to work.

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    Re: Dry eye relief!

    I always love reading your posts Shorty. They are so informative.
    Thanks for the information.


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      Re: Dry eye relief!

      I'm glad you are finding relief.

      Stay safe

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