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Savella and urine retention??

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  • Savella and urine retention??

    I started Savella a little over a week ago. At first I was doing fine and was even starting to notice some improvement!!! I am taking it really slow and it seems to be helping me avoid some of the adverse side affects I have heard about!! Unfortunately, I think I am starting to get urine retention I been having a really hard time releasing urine all day and have to squeeze way more often then I would like!! I am still currently only at the 25mg level (morning and night). Has anyone else experienced this and does it eventually go away???? I soo don't want to have to go off it because I actually think it is helping without the nasty gain weight side affect that comes with most meds

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    I thought I'd repost in this thread in case this could help anyone. I started Savella back in August and I took it really, really, slow to avoid all the negative side affects...which for the most part I did!! I had a couple of days of light headedness and a couple of days of retention....that's it. I was wondering if it was doing anything but then I started to notice, I didn't have ANY pelvic floor pain. A little lingering fibro pain in the legs but not bad. Then about a week and a half ago it dawned on me that I had two cups of coffee around 6:30 and didn't go to the bathroom until about 10:30!! Somewhere around 9:30 I started having a slight sensation but it was mild and since I didn't feel a pressing need to go I ignored it. At first I thought it was a fluke and besides it was decaf coffee so it probably wasn't stimulating my kidneys. I have gone periods when I am preoccupied and sitting where I don't go to the bathroom for a couple of hours....I feel it but I ignore it....Ok so I thought that's what it is. But then I went back to work this week after being off all summer and notice the same thing was happening. I was having my standard 4 to six cups of coffee in the morning...I just need it to get out of bed because I am always soooooooo tired. But usually after I drink that many cups of coffee I am in the bathroom for hours!! However, the one day it dawned on me that the last time I went to the bathroom was around 8:30 and it was 11:30 and I still hadn't gone!! This wasn't decaf coffee so I couldn't say my kidneys were stimulated. A fluke again?? Possible! But then I noticed the same thing the next day. Normally, in the morning after drinking that many cups of coffee I am busting when I arrive at work after only a fifteen minute drive!!

    So naturally, I think it may be the Savella. I haven't changed anything else. I eat anything I want as usual...I don't have food triggers... but prior to starting Savella I was starting to wonder if I did but apparently I don't because the one morning I drank my typical rounds of coffee and had a left over half of a spicy chicken wrap for breakfast....I know horrible but I'm not a breakfast food person. Even with those two combos I still held for 3 hours. Now it could be the initial what I call "placebo" affect!! I usually notice some improvement when I start a new med and then my body reverts back to normal. However, I usually only notice an improvement in pain....never frequency!! I am hoping and praying to God that it is the Savella and that my body won't adjust Please...please...please don't let it change!! The only other thing it can be, and I highly doubt it, is that my PT started doing more myofacial release during my treatment sessions. Either way I just hope it stays this way but even as I am writing this I have a pit in my stomach because I am afraid that by just saying I am doing better I will jinx myself and I am so afraid of going back to the way I was


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      I had a different antidepressant cause retention, that also brought on a kidney infection and my kidney's hurt for a very long time from that, years.. You need to call your doctor if it continues to do that.


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        I can't imagine that much coffee for even a healthy bladder!

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          you need to self-cath yourself
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