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How does Fibro start?

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  • How does Fibro start?

    Can Fibromyalgia start suddenly? Or does it come on gradually? The reason I ask is because I'm having severe pain, so bad that I needed my shower chair and I'm having a hard time lifting my legs to put my pants on. I guess it started slowly on Monday but yesterday and today the pain has peaked and I'm having a really hard time walking. I'm NOT trying to find something else to worry about, IC is really enough!! But I'm just asking. Thank you!!
    Katie-46 yr old female dx'd with IC after 15 years of symptoms off and on long term antibiotic use, GERD,IBS and now IC diet, gallbladder removed, endometrial ablation w/tubes tied
    Lexapro-20 mg
    Ambien-as needed
    Percocet-7.5 up to 3 per day as needed
    Valium-10 mg x2 per day
    Phenergan-1 at night
    Prelief w/everything
    Now recovering from acute pancreatitis

    Currents treatments that help somewhat:
    Heating pad
    Hot baths
    Being VERY still while lying down with legs elevated

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    You need to see a doctor. There are many different things that could be causing your symptoms and I don't even want to try to guess.

    Stay safe

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      My fiber started gradually...

      And just kept escalating and escalating.... Sorry my auto-correct changed fibro into fiber! Grr!
      As I think, so I shall be....

      I have had IC for 4.5 years now. I also have fibro, sjogren's syndrome, and vulvadynia. I live in immense pain. I often daydream of life before this demon . When I feel good, I embrace it with all of my heart! I pray that someday I will feel 100% again, we all deserve it!


      Vicodin (as needed, so daily!)
      Percocet (morning & night)
      Klonopin (.5 mg at night)
      Zanaflex (2 mg each night)
      Thyroid med for low thyroid (hypo)
      Vitamin D (4000)

      IC, CFS, Fibro (it is really bad it has taken so much from me and changed my life), Anxiety, Depression from it all, & Hypothyroid.


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        I have fibromyalgia.

        First go see your PCP and have her run bloodwork and ask to be ran for all inflammatory markers.

        Good luck.

        21 year old female. Diagnosed as of November 2008 with onset of symptoms.

        I am currently diagnosed with IC, PFD, endometriosis, asthma, and vulvodynia/contact dermititis, IBS, and fibromyalgia.


        -Amitryptyline 10 mg

        -Neurontin (in place of lyrica because I can't afford it- lol) 300 mg x3 a day
        Flexeril. 10 mg. As needed.
        First laparoscopy showed moderate to severe endo


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          She's right, many things can do this. Get your immune system checked too, ANA test, and RF factor for rhematoid arthritis. You can have autoimmune disease without a positive ESR. The inflammatory markers do not necessarily show up (ESR/RF) in autoimmune disease. I started out with fatigue, then muscle pain, then joint pain. My overall muscle pain hurts the worst in my legs without including my muscle strains. You can have your vitamin levels checked too, it can cause muscle pain/muscle weakness. They can diagnose fibromyalgia based on trigger points, though I didn't have enough, I still got the diagnosis because of chronic muscle aches. It is only diagnosed when all that other stuff is ruled out.


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            mine came on gradually. It was actually my husband that noticed the change before I did. One day he said to me "when you come home from work you plop down on the couch and don't move again till its time to go to bed". So I made an appointment with my PCP, and after ruling out any emotional stress factors she ran the bloodwork for inflammatory markers and Rheumatoid factor. I tested positive for inflammatory markers and Rheumatoid factor so she sent me to my rheumatologist. He was able to run more specific bloodwork on me and event hough I tested positive for rheumatoid factor I do not have rheumatoid arthritis. He began my treatment for fibro with flexeril at night. that gave me minimal relief. On my follow up visit he prescribed lyrica. It took a few days for it to take effect (and my bladder to tolerate it) but I am now about 70% better. I have another follow up next month where we can adjust my dosage. I'm also doing a water exercise class in physical therapy and that's helping too. It feels good to be able to move my body in the water with no pain.


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              I have to agree with Donna, you need to see a doctor. I have it really bad, but its not just one part of your body. I also had it so long I can't recall how it started.
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