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  • Question for fibro patients

    hello everyone
    Does anyone out there take ritilin or concerta for thier fibromialgia ; if so do you take any apin meds with it. I have a doctors appt in 2 weeks to find out, but i was just wondering if anyone out there was on ritilin or concerta for thier fibro;And so how does it work for u.
    Also is any one out there with ic or fibro or both; and what meds for pain seem to help u with either one of the above.
    Im just trying to find out how everyone copes so i have more knowledge from people who are actually suffering from the same diseases I do?


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    I have fibromyalgia, mixed connective tissue disease, and IC. Elmiron helps my bladder. I've been on a few NSAID's, aspirin did help the muscle pain somewhat but I vomitted blood recently, not a good way to go. I've been on ultram, darvocet, ibuprofen, naproxen, valium, mobic, doxycycline, zanaflex, flexeril, skelaxin, fentanyl, savella, lortab. Zanaflex is good to help me sleep but that's it. Toradol is unbelievably amazing, but they only give that to you in the hospital. But they can give you a shot of it in the doctor's office if your pain is flaring. Muscle relaxants don't help me even though I have muscle spasms, except in the case of muscle strain. Ultram was like taking candy. Narcotics are great but getting a doctor to give it to you is tough. Plaquenil helped my pain for the first couple of months but that was it. My pain was so bad today, I wanted to go to the hospital but instead I soaked in a hot bath and rubbed blue gel all over my legs. They don't like dealing with chronic pain. Still suffering pretty bad. I have an appt with my doctor in a month and half. I could cry thinking about having to wait that long. The only way I cope well, is from medication making me feel better, and I really could use something that works right now. Hoping to nag my doctor into Lortab because I don't know what else is going to knock this pain. I have never used ritilin or concerta but I have used Adderall, I have ADD, and they gave it to me also for my severe fatigue. They had me on 90mg a day at one point, most people take about 10mg a day. My energy level would get better somewhat, then I'd crash back down, I got to where I couldn't sleep at all, I stopped it alltogether. Are you having fatigue with the fibromyalgia? If not, I don't know if I'd want that kind of medication, it's a stimulant, not a pain reliever. My symptoms were first thought to be fibromyalgia, then Lupus, then back to fibromyalgia, then I find out I definetly had an autoimmune disease after 13 years, I sware, lol, but I also developed what I believe to be fibromyalgia symptoms along the way. I have something very similar to a nerve disease. I haven't tried Lyrica. Would like to though. There should be better options for treating your fibromyalgia than ADHD medications. I also love physical therapy. I wish I could live there. Your muscles really need some attention when you have Fibromyalgia. You want to lay around alot because your sick, that just leads to poor muscle function, and muscle weakness. Stretching is a good option. Need to do what I preach. LOL.