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muscle strain won't heal

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    Yes I know. Time to start sticking up for myself. My doctor is going to put an order in Monday for an MRI for me because he said he would if this didn't get better, and it's not. I am also going to get nerve medication and hopefully start getting Toradol shots every so often. I don't know what he'll say to that since Toradol can be so dangerous. I have a high ANA and a high RNP. I have no other autoantibodies. High RNP in the presence of no other antigens is due to MCTD. What's mixed? I don't know. I don't have raynald's but I have myalgia pains. Who knows. I think my 16 yr old daughter has raynald's though. Ehlers-Danlos, I have never heard of. Do you know why they've come to that conclusion. My muscle pain is not horrific, it's the fatigue that is so horrific. I can control the muscle pain with meds, or a hot bath in epson salt, menthol gel, whatever. I've had widespread muscle pain forever, muscles weakened after 13 yrs of this, plaquenil helps with that. I also cannot walk very long without having excrusiating joint pain in my hips and feet. Otherwise my joints don't cause alot of trouble. I think it's my leg muscles that always hurt the worst. That does not include my back, shoulders, neck, and jaws, OMG that is the worst pain, like a frightning nightmare. I really do not know anyone with Lupus, or MCTD that does not have muscle or joint pains with their disease, and I have talked to alot of people. My first symptom was fatigue, the pain didn't occur until years later.
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      He did not do an MRI for me.
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