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  • fibro fog,help!

    how does one deal with the forgetfulness that fibromyalgia brings a person?does it ever get better?


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    On days your not so tired, you might think more clearly. Write down the important stuff, that way if you forget, you have the note to remind you of what you need to do.


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      I try to keep my brain sharp by doing word puzzles and brain challenging games. It is proven that things like that help prevent or delay dementia, so it stands to reason the will help with fibro fog. Your brain has to get exercise just like the rest of our bodies. Also, make sure you get plenty of sleep. Not just the dozing kind, but deep restful sleep in a quiet, cool room. Sleep helps rejuvenate our bodies.
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        fibro fog

        I do what Bladderpain does. I write everything down- a "to do" list and cross things off as I go. I also have notes all over the place and write things on my calander.


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          I assume you have been diagnosed with FM & were also checked for thyroid disease. I deal with it by making lists, keeping a pocket calendar in my purse, using a kitchen timer when cooking, & did I say making lists? LOL


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            Originally posted by duana View Post
            how does one deal with the forgetfulness that fibromyalgia brings a person?does it ever get better?


            YES!!!! ALL.THE.TIME!!

            I used to be the most competent person ever, NEVER, EVER forgetting anything. Now, I have to write everything done.

            I am an executive assistant to a very busy boss, so I have had to work at adapting to my forgetfullness and doing a lot of preplanning to prevent screw ups. I have an intricate system of lists and post-its that help me at work At home, sometimes I am a write-off!! I also really have to fight with myself to keep a sense of humour about it - like when I ask my DH the exact same thing three times in a row!! Or tell the same story multiple times.


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              fibro fog

              I'm the same with my, ummm what were we talking about again oh yes, fibro fog.
              I have lists all over the place and spend half the day walking up and down the stairs because when I get to the top or bottom flights, I no longer remember why I was going there! I think my kids have heard the same stories about 100 times. My son never says anything, but daughter says, yea ma, you told me that, deep sigh!
              Seriously though, are you sure it's fibro fog and not thyroid, hormones or lack of sleep? Not sleeping, I've found is a major memory thief.
              Exercise seems to help some, more blood to the brain, maybe, and doing things like reading, listening to classical music, puzzles.
              To some extent, as someone else said, I think we just have to make our peace with it, laugh at ourselves, and do our best.
              I hope you can find some things that will help you cope.


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                Agree with Bri, that the fog certainly can be medication related.

                Lyrica also seems to impair mental clarity, at least in some folks. Cymbalta may, as well.

                Awhile back I bought an inexpensive pocket recorder. It's half the size of a pack of cigarettes, and inspired me--in addition to being a great way to make memos for myself--to start singing again, which led to playing and teaching the guitar, something I gave up when the pain got nearly unbearable. It also helped me get rid of a few mannerisms and tics that had crept into my voice over the years. I've even got a novel going. Wish I'd picked up the recorder years ago. It's amazing what you can get for under fifty bucks--good (admittedly not great) sound quality, and about twelve hours of recording time, with various ways of keeping track of them, and very simple software you can load onto a pc if you want to save files more permanently and mess around with music and the like.


                Originally posted by duana View Post
                how does one deal with the forgetfulness that fibromyalgia brings a person?does it ever get better?



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                  Lost so much to Fibro-Fog!

                  Before I developed Interstitial Cystitis and Fibromyalgia, I was a radio anchor and could do 30 reports in an hour on different stations.

                  After a few years, I couldn't even keep things straight as a receptionist. I quit my job and filed for disability.

                  My biggest enemy was the loss of SHORT TERM MEMORY. I was losing keys, tickets, you name it. I also never knew whether I had let the dogs out, washed my hair, etc. I burned a lot of meals because I would get distracted and forget whatever I had pinned to my short term memory.

                  Eventually, I figured out that a lot of the problems were caused by Amitriptyline. I replaced it with Nortriptyline and did a little better, but then got really forgetful again when I raised the Nortriptyline in an effort to control migraines.

                  So, bottom line, I agree...check your medications!!!

                  After I got back down to 50mg Nortriptyline I was able to get a call center job (IP Relay). My speech still halts and I have moments where I suddenly forget what I was concentrating on... but I'm doing a lot better than I thought was possible back when I was taking too much Amitriptyline.

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