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  • fibro fog

    This fibro fog stuff is no joke. Last week was awful. I'm sure people think that i am more unstable than i really am. I cant believe all the things i couldnt remember.
    IC-diagnosed August 1998 with cystoscopy and hydro
    IBS-diagnosed in 1998 probably had for majority of my life
    Fibro-Diagnosed in 2010
    Other conditions: Depression, High Cholesterol (irony)

    Primary symptoms: PAIN, bloating, frequency, urgency, fatigue

    Current Meds: Elavil 10mg at bedtime, Toviaz 4mg at bedtime, Lyrica 3x a day

    Failed meds: Vesicare, Detrol LA, Celexa, Vioxx, Celebrex, Ditropan XL, Elmiron
    "In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."

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    fibro fog

    I know. Today I got into an elevator and just stood there. Didn't press any buttons or anything! It's a good thing someone else got in with me and asked which floor I was going to or I might still be standing there waiting to arrive!
    I make "to do" lists for everything and leave them on the table and also mark things on my calander. My DH, btw is just as bad,so we're both always trying to remember things! The dog is not helpful with this at all!


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      Did you zone out in the elevator, just not aware that you was there, and in turn, didn't react to doing anything? I think my symptoms get pretty extreme, I can relate to symptoms of dementia, I've lost time, at one place, end up elsewhere with no recollection of time in between. I've done some really weird things. My brain acts like it malfunctions. Driving to a doctor appt, I end up going the opposite way. I've ran stop lights, stop signs, (brain didn't say stop), almost hit people in the rearend, that has stopped but the fact that it even happened, is scary. I've had so many problems. My doctor said it was probably from my fatigue. In my opinion, it's a little overboard even if I have chronic fatigue.