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    Hi Yogagirl,

    What vitamins and herbs are you taking?


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      Hi healingthoughts and Naturegal,
      As far as vitamins and herbs, I take a lot of stuff! I sometimes worry that I'm becoming a bit like Suzanne Somers! Have you seen the amount of supplements she takes? It's a bit over the top!
      For years now, I've been taking 5htp, which is a natural antidepressant and sleep aid. You can read about it in a book that I highly recommend called '5htp" by Michael Murray, N.D. He's a naturopathic doctor. The book actually has a chapter on Fibro! It also recommends we take St. John's Wort, which I also take.

      I also take krill oil (like fish oil, but better), a B-complex Vitamin by Rainbow Light, (which is food-grown and doesn't flare my IC bladder). I take Magnesium for muscle pain and migraines. I also take Valerian and Hops at night for my insomnia. A supplement that I really like is called Phosphatidyl-Serine. I read about it in the Fibromyalgia Network magazine. It was mentioned as a possible remedy for Fibro Fog and it seems to be helping me! My Fibro Fog has decreased, but this also may be due to the fact that I'm finally sleeping through the night, thanks to the other sleep aid supplements! You can buy all of these supplements and even the 5htp book on I love this site! They have the best prices, great shipping rates, no tax -- and the package comes to your house really quickly!. You will get a 5 dollar discount on your first order if you type in this code: SAL139.


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        Most doctors do believe Fibro is a fake diagnosis for those who are "mental" or a drug addicts dream diagnosis. The last doctor I saw was rather verbally abusive to me and actually tore me down so much I cried (I don't do that). She told me "even if you get the diagnosis there is nothing we could do for you so why does it matter", and then said "but to make you happy i could put in a few calls and see if any RA doctors will see you, but i'll tell you now they wont b/c of your insurance". I've only wanted to punch 1 other doctor as badly as I did her and that was my Urologist who diagnosed me with IC. He left me on the floor unable to stand after i rolled off his table crying, then watched me as I crawled out his office dragging my newborn with me. Didn't even ask if I was okay or needed help.
        As far as I understand you need to have pain all over your body and have at least 11 of the tender points. I get the extreme burning stabbing pain when I'm in a bad flare, my arms will also have a good 2 inch difference and normally my hip will go out as well. Other times I just have the all over sore-ness where I feel like a walking bruise and can't stand to be touched even lightly. It's not uncommon for my arms or legs to go numb or for me to hurt so much I can't move my wrists, and due to my back I can't hunch over or even bend b/c I'm unable to stand back up on my own w/out extreme pain. For the last 15 years sitting is about the only thing I can do long term and that's because I sit on my tailbone with my feet under my butt to avoid the discomfort of the Vulvodynia, and even then my bed is my saving grace. I'm a big fan of temperpedic because I can go to bed in a lot of pain and wake up in less and just have to deal with the pain intensifying as the day goes on.
        Anyways, my point is keep trying. Either you'll annoy every doctor you see until they cave and send you to a RA or eventually and hopefully you'll find one willing to help you. I've been searching for my answer for 16 years and I refuse pain med's to avoid being black listed as a drug seeker. I have faith that someday i'll get somewhere and it helps knowing i'm not the only one still fighting this rediculous battle with ignorant doctors. I wish you all the best!