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Suggestions for medications for Fibro, IC, and IBS nerve pain

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  • Suggestions for medications for Fibro, IC, and IBS nerve pain

    My Urologist put me on Elavil (amitriptiline) and slowly worked me up to the maximum of 50mg and I have been taking it for nearly two years. About a year ago I was also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and the Orthopedic doctor that diagnosed me also put me on Pamelor (noretriptiline). (I think I have the spelling right for the generics of those right). My Urologist then explained she uses both interchangeably because Pamelor just metabolizes into Elavil and for her it just depends on insurances which one is approved. Basically though taking both of those at the same time was putting me at a clinically appropriate level of that medication to treat depression despite I was not diagnosed with it, but it did do wonders for the pain I've had in my abdomen but it did not help with the outer pain of Fibro. I was doing physical therapy for both Fibro and Sciatica so stretching and core strengthening, and they knew I had to make sure not to trigger my pelvic floor wall to spasm as well. I ended up not liking the orthopedic doctor that prescribed Pamelor, but when I last saw my Urologist that was what I was taking and I told her bladder wise I felt better than I have for a long time. But the doctor I continued to see for the Fibromyalgia suggested I take Cymbalta 30mg and possibly raise it if I can tolerate it, and discontinue Pamelor.

    Since then I feel like my urinary pain has gotten worse and worse and I was sure I had a UTI but it came back negative or very few bacteria and white blood count in my urine. I had that done at my primary doctor's office because it's within walking distance, but I'm wondering if my Urologist would have still treated me because even a slight infection can be extra painful to me. The primary doctor may have assumed the slight readings were because of contamination and not a clean catch.

    I looked through several of these threads about medications to take for both of these illnesses and several seem to have the possibility of making the IC worse if the Fibro is helped. But I saw Ultram listed as a pain medication and wondered if the Urologist or the doctor you see for Fibro was more likely to be familiar with it. Or is there one of those antidepressants used as nerve blockers that seems to work with both nerve sets because it feels like some things help with nerve pain internally and other things work externally.

    I also saw both Savella and Cysttoprotek mentioned, does anyone know of a combination of meds or one that seems to work well for both these conditions and IBS as well? Or any other suggestions? I had been doing a lot of naproxen sodium but it gets to be harsh on my stomach after a while.

    Thank you if you have any suggestions.

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    Re: Suggestions for medications for Fibro, IC, and IBS nerve pain

    I can't really answer your question, but I have a suggestion: Please take a list of your medications, including over-the-counter, herbs, and supplements, to your pharmacist and ask him/her to check for interactions. When we are on a lot of meds, that can be important.

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    I am not a medical authority nor do I offer medical advice. In all cases, I strongly encourage you to discuss your medical treatment with your personal medical care provider. Only they can, and should, give medical recommendations to you.

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      Re: Suggestions for medications for Fibro, IC, and IBS nerve pain

      The over the counter ones aren't on file but they were all approved by the doctors that are treating me. I have all my RX's filled at the same pharmacy if possible at the same actual building every time. The OTC things I take are Vitamin D, Allegra, Tylenol extended release (suggested by the doctor that was helping me with Fibro when I said Naproxen sodium eventually bothers my stomach), Prilosec, doculace and Simethecone. I don't take any herbal supplements, I have taken various enzymes like Prelief, Beano and Lactase just to see if that cut down on the gas pressure which causes some of my pain and urgency issues. I understand you are saying to go to the Pharmacist with it and I can certainly do that too but I am fairly sure none of these things are particularly likely to cause an issue with the RX's I am on. And I have disclosed all of this to the doctors that prescribe the medications as well. I try to work within the same network of doctors if I can, so that it hopefully keeps things more up to date but it's difficult with some of my options. I really like my Urologist, and I like the office that I went to for the Fibromyalgia. But I have been saying to my Urologist that pain in my abdomen is setting off my IC symptoms. I thought it was from having Endometriosis but after having my left ovary and tube removed due to cysts the doctor saw no evidence of Endo despite that I had classic symptoms and he felt my pain was all to do with my bladder. However upon microscopic biopsy of my tube there were cysts inside my Fallopian tube that was removed. I think it's pretty safe to assume that has likely happened on both sides. He suggested that I stay on active birth control pills continuously to avoid a cycle causing me to be in worse IC pain. But he refused to do a hysterectomy based on what he saw. I have since gotten a second opinion, she agreed and changed my BC medication and I could not tolerate the side effects. Went back to what I've been on and checked and despite that I'm having the throbby pain I had associated with Endo there's not even cysts noticable on an ultrasound anymore. But the thing I have noticed is that after every procedure I've had that left my abdomen numb for some period of time my IC urgency and pain is greatly reduced. I usually leave the hospital after urinating and then don't have to again for like 4 hours. But when it's not numb I sometimes can't seem to stay out of the bathroom. So I'm sure there's something causing pain to trigger my IC symptoms and I'm taking everything I can think of to help with the IC pain. The only thing I've not tried is vaginal valium because I also believe I need it for other pain and I wasn't sure if that just localized the effects to the vaginal area. I have had some pressure points also found with some internal physical therapy for my pelvic floor and sciatica but I had to discontinue the therapy when I had Carpel Tunnel Release Surgery scheduled so that if I need therapy for that (and I do just started yesterday) I would not use up all my visits. So I will do as you suggest but does any of what I'm saying make sense to you as abdominal/back (sciatica) pain being a trigger for my IC symptoms?