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help on colonoscopy-will all those chemicals hurt my bladder?

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  • help on colonoscopy-will all those chemicals hurt my bladder?

    I need to have a colonsocopy bec. we need to confirm the irritiable bowel diagnosis plus I am 53 years. old. I'm really concerned about all those chemicals going in my bladder. I don't think I need all of that stuff be. it doesn't take much to set the IBS off any way. Any suggestions? Thanks.


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    I'm assuming you mean the laxative you have to drink to prepare for the test. It didn't bother my bladder at all. I do suggest that you place a comfortable chair very close to your bathroom and take a good book with you. You'll be there a lot for several hours.

    Good luck!
    Stay safe

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      Susan...when you're getting your favorite mag or book to put in the bathroom for your prep, get something like cottonelle wipes or preparation h wipes, too. Or, someone on another board suggested washcloths soaked in witch hazel and then frozen. Any of these will be of great comfort to you and your sore bum.


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        I appreciate the imput

        Thanks for the reassuranace. My gastro guy said he did not think the chemicals would bother the IC but I've gotten so I don't trust everyone. I scheduled it in June bec. I'm having two grandbabies this spring.



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          Susan, I was really afraid to have it done because I have severe IC. I thought this was going to be a major issue, no problems whatsoever.

          Hugs, Trishann


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            I had the same worries and everything was fine.