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Bacterial Overgrowth

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  • tabasco32
    I am starting to believe I either have mercury toxicity or candida or both. I thought maybe ibs constipation at first but it's getting worse. I am on renewlife 50 billion colonies a day. I also am starting to drink colostrum and raw milk again hoping It doesn't constipate me. I have been more intolerant to more foods. Look up candida albicans. I am also very chemical sensitive this can be due to my gut the yeast and mercury. Mercury causes yeast overgrowth. I have 9 almagam fillings they are leaking. This could be the cause of my underlying condition. hope I helped you

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  • pamptracy
    started a topic Bacterial Overgrowth

    Bacterial Overgrowth

    My IBS has been readiagnosed as a bacterial overgrowth. I took antibiotics for 2 weeks which really helped. A couple days later my symptoms returned. I'm back on antibiotics now and on the advice of my GI doctor I tried to decrease them. Once again my symptoms returned. Anyone have any experience with this? This is so frustrating!!!