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    I am going to have a colonoscopy next Monday and need to drink or eat only clear liquids on Sunday. My doctor said I can drink pear juice but I'm concerned that white grape juice will be too acidic. What else can I eat or drink that is I.C.-safe? Such as jellos or sorbets? Mango sorbet? Are there any safe jellos that I can buy? Any advice from people who have had this procedure is welcome.

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    When I had mine done a year and a half ago, I had great luck with plain Pedialyte. Kept me hydrated and feeling pretty good during the no-food phase. Some of us are ok with Jell-O, but for the procedure's sake you have to stay away from the reds and the blues, lol. I am not a big Jell-O fan, and for the life of me can't remember what flavor I had, I want to say peach or something, but it's hard for me to choke it down - it's a textural thing for me, ha ha ha!

    I also had lots of chicken broth to work on when I wanted, that really helped, at least I felt like I was "eating" something, lol. If you aren't sure about some things like popsicles etc and how they are on your bladder, the days of prepping really aren't the ideal times to experiment, lol.

    Hope this helps a little, and if I can remember what else I did and had good luck with I'll post it!!

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