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  • puffy sides

    does anyone wake up in the morning with the lower left side and right side puffing up like a ballon. What is this? It is really starting to irritate me real bad. And it is also starting to hurt bad to. It just puffs up and down up and down. Then after a bowel movement it will go away. Am I not eating enough or something? OR could it be a food intolerance? I hope it is not diviticulitis.
    not yet dx with ic-diagnosing myself as of aug 2006
    diagnosed ic-october 5 2006(huh just what I thought)

    cod liver oil (for vitamins a and d)
    bladder is not getting worse but maybe better
    diagnosed ibs-september 27, 2006
    don't know if it's ibs or some other underlining condition. hair loss, weight loss, constipation
    all this even though I eat.
    Mercury toxicity with Candida Albicans
    Realy toxic and sick
    Dental almagams removal and chelation for heavy metal toxins and candida cleansing as soon as fillings are out
    had catscan, ultrasound, colonoscopy
    Matthew 21 verse 22: jesus quotes"and all the things you ask in prayer, having faith, you will receive."

    I eat to live, not live to eat.

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    wow I have never heard of that.. I think it would be a great idea to call your doctor. feel better.. hugs
    'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'


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      Definitely call your doctor!!!