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I can't gain weight

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  • I can't gain weight

    I keep losing weight, I'm always feeling sick, but can't go to the doctor. I've lost about 9 pounds in past month. I get sick when I eat. I want to gain weight but can't. Its like I'm unintenually getting anerixic. I hate life!!!

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    You should really try and get into a gastroenterologist to be evaluated. There is a condition called gastroparesis, and the symptoms are Nausea, vomiting, feeling full after only eating a small amount, and stomach pain. You dont have to have all these symptoms, but gastroparesis can cause some of these. But you really should see your doctor and ask to be referred to a gastroenterologist so he/she can check things out. I hope you feel better soon.


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      I have to back up Jen74 on this. Absolutely get checked out. I have the condition she mentioned and I lost a lot of weight until I got it diagnosed. I haven't gained the weight back but I am able to eat and enjoy eating and not feel like poo.

      Also, Ensure and Boost have different flavored drinks, pick one according to your IC limitations. When I have been sick before with other things and unable to eat, these filled me up and also helped me to not lose weight.

      Please get checked out - the test is not painful if they decide to do it and it could make a huge difference for you.


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        I am sorry that you are having such a hard time with this. However, you know you have got to get to the Dr. This could be a symptom of something very serious. I dont mean to scare you, but until serious things are ruled out, then you need to be concerned.

        I had the same problem for a while, and mine was caused by Gastro Esophagal Reflux Syndrome. Mine is controlled now for the most part with Aciphex. I do also keep a r/x of Phenegrin on hand, b/c every now and then, I still throw up, but it is better than doing it daily (or feeling like I was going to daily!)

        Anyway, many ICers have GERD as a co-existing condition of IC. Fortunately, the meds that help reduce the acid in the stomach, also help with the bladder, since IC bladders HATE acid! But, you need to get to a Gastro and get other things ruled out! The symptoms you are having could still be alot of other things that only a Dr. can rule out. (Like cancer.) So, PLEASE get to a Dr. and get this checked out!

        I hope you get some answers soon and start feeling better!



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          I would but no insurance, and can't afford to go. And my b/f is too busy with work all week. I can't be getting myself into bankrupsy before I turn 21. That would mess me up, for the future. I already have a $8000 bill, from when I had pelvic pain back in July, which I can't afford.


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            I know things are rough, especially with bills and all. Maybe you could call your hospital and tell them about your concerns with not having any insurance and they do have payment plans. And the good thing is that hospitals do not charge interest, and you can usually make a plan where you can pay whatever amount you are able each month. You dont want to let things go on like this with you losing weight consistently. That can cause you way worse problems in the long run.
            Have you tried changing your diet? Maybe try eating things that are easier to digest and avoid the things that are hard to digest. Eat soft foods, like maybe soup, even crackers are ok. If you eat any vegetables, make sure that they are either canned or at least very soft so that you can digest them easier. Also, Aprilmae had a good suggestion about the ensure or boost drinks. These are usually easy to digest and will help you not to loose the weight. Also, maybe try eating several small meals throughout the day instead of eating three full meals a day. It is easier on the tum.
            I hope you get to feeling better real soon. Have you talked to your parents or even any relatives you have about this? Maybe they will be able to help you some financially is at all possible. Sending hugs your way, and prayers that you will get some help and feel better soon.


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              I understand your predicament, I truly do, however, it will also mess up your future if you die from cancer! I live in an itty bitty town, but there is a clinic here for the working poor. There are several of them located around the country. They charge on a sliding scale, based on income and if you make little enough, it is free, as long as you work. Many areas have health depts that also charge based on a person's income. I would definately call your Drs. office and tell them what's going on and that you have no insurance and havent got it checked out for that reason. Then, see if they have any suggestions for places in your area. (If you dont have a Dr. or yours doesnt have any ideas, then call other Drs. offices and clinics.) But you have GOT to get this checked out! This really, really, REALLY worries me and my Mom is an RN and she told me the same things could be wrong when I didnt know what was wrong. This can be serious. But, it could also be something that is easily fixed in one office visit. (For example, bloodwork alone can tell them alot of things.)

              I am begging you to please find somewhere in your area that is free or that you can afford to make payments on a sliding scale. If Drs. offices cant tell you of anywhere near you, call a hospital and ask for a social worker. Social workers generally know where the available services are in (or near) a community.

              Sending huge hugs your way,


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                my b/f said he's gonna bring me in, as I've been threw enough pain in the past month with this. Just hope he follows threw, cuz this is getting me depressed. and last night, I noticed sharp pains, on my lower right side lunge area. And got very tired early, so went to bed around 7pm, I have no energry, and tired still, I'm even unable to think streight right now, my mine feels like a cloud. I'm gonna be affraid of how much this hospital bill is gonna be. I wish I was a canadian resident, then I would get free healthcare, due to their universal health care they have, while here in america, the price just goes higherr and higher, the government, would rather have its citizens suffer, than help them, I HATE GEORGE BUSH! Rather spend money on a useless war, than start universal health care, well he's accually tryig to get rid of medicaid and all that.


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                  I went through first care, and found out its a peptic ulcer, as my liver is fine, and my kidney's. So I'm on anti-nausea meds right now, and they seem to be helping a good amount, but does make me a bit tired, as it works on the central nervous system, but still beats feeling like wanting to throw up all day long.

                  i'm just very very afraid about how much this visit will cost, as its $400 just to walk in there. and they did 5 vials of blood and 2 x rays, and a quart of saline, and some anti nausea meds.

                  thanks everyone


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                    There has to be a way to get help with the bills. Ask them if they have a form that you can fill out to declare yourself financially needy. I'm sure they must have some sort of program there.

                    Glad you found out what is wrong. I hope you start picking up soon!


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                      its about $2614 total for the first care bill, they have it, where if a person pays in the first 30 days after, that they can get 50% off their bill. I'm going to see a physian on the 30th for a follow up, as I'm out of anti nausea meds. and its come back, pretty bad, along with sores in my mouth from the acid backing up, just glad it turned out to just be a peptic ulcer, just wish it would go away thoe.