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Anyone ever use Asacol for colon inflama? Worried about the color-iron oxide,red and

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  • Anyone ever use Asacol for colon inflama? Worried about the color-iron oxide,red and

    I had a colonoscoy today and the Dr. said I had an inflamed colon that could be causing the diarhea-maybe not really IBS. He gave me samples of Asacol to take. This is a med used to treat colitis. BEsides the usual terrible side effects, I am concerned about the color of the pill, which is brownish red. What gives it the color is "edible black ink, iron oxide red, and iron oxide yellow".

    If anyone has used this med or knows if the color bothers people I would appreciate a heads up bec. red dye typically bothers me.

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    I've been taking it for about 9 years - 6 a day (should be 10 but I think that's too much)so far my UC has been in remission so I can't complain on that score but I have had hematuria, muscle/joint pain and tinnititis which are stated side effects on the information sheet.
    I asked my gastro if I could change it to something else but he said "no" - its doing its job.


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      You could call your pharmacist with your concerns about what is in this medication. I hope that you are able to take it without any trouble.
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        I have been taking asacol for 20 some years w/o any side effects for my ulcerative colitius. I don't feel that it has bothered my IC at all, or none so far. (I have only been diagnosed w/ic since Nov.)

        I was told when I started it that the coating on the pill was like that so that it would not dissove until it arrives in your colon, so I would presume that it should not effect the bladder. Just a note: I can see the shell of the pill in my bowel movements, so the shell is still there but the contents are gone. Sorry about the grossness of describing this but I needed to get the point across. LOL Anyway, it has been a life saver for my UC. I wouldn't want to give it up. Just try to pay attention to your IC and if it get worse then maybe see if Asacol could be causing it.

        Hope this helps
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          I've taken Asacol and Pentasa for Crohn's disease maintenance and higher doses when I flare. I've never had a problem with them irritating my bladder, but to be honest, when I'm that sick I don't know if I could differentiate the pain from my bladder and colon.

          I'm sorry you have another possible diagnosis. Did they do biopsys to confirm the UC?

          I've been living with inflammatory bowel disease for many years, and my fiance has Crohn's as well. So, I know how you feel.
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